Friday, October 29, 2010

Buildings of Big Red Basketball

Some additional photographs for the lovers of Cornell Basketball history. Above, a photo of Cornell's February 14, 1920 contest against Yale in the "New Armory and Drill Hall"(later renamed as Barton Hall). Cornell prevailed 25-23.

While Barton Halls' construction was completed by the 1914-1915 season, the military used the facility during World War I, building machine guns and planes. Big Red Basketball would have to be patient and wait its turn.

Before Barton Hall's construction and ultimate availability for Big Red Athletics, Cornell basketball played its games in the Old Armory and Drill Hall, the interior of which is shown below during this 1920s women's game.

Above, Barton Hall's exterior in May 1918. Below, a panoramic view of Cornell's eastern campus in the early 1920s. Barton Hall is finished, but most of the eastern campus remains undeveloped. The future site of Newman Arena remains unsettled open space.

Cornell's first game in Barton Hall was February 15, 1919, a 32-20 win over Columbia. Below, an inside photograph of a Barton Hall game, the date is unknown but likely 1940s.

Below, another photo of Barton Hall with a very large crowd in attendance, possibly from the March 8, 1947 Syracuse game, which at the time, set a Barton Hall attendance record of 8,297.


Anonymous said...

love these old photos, keep them coming

Anonymous said...

Look at all those people in Barton!

If we win one more game in the tournament over the next 10 years, or at least have continued Ivy success, then there needs to be a new 10,000 persona arena built.

Anonymous said...

No we would not be able to fill a 10K arena, it is better to fill a smaller arena than leave a bigger one half empty, one day they need to build roughly the same sized arena but with full seating behind the basket like Bucknell has for example

Anonymous said...

They should have a turn back the clock game against a big opponent in Barton