Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cornell Basketball Hall of Fame

The Cornell Athletic Hall of Fame was initiated in 1978. It became a reality through the thoughtfulness and generosity of the late Ellis H. Robison '18, whose devotion, advice and financial support to Cornell started as soon as he graduated from the University.

In 2006, the Hall of Fame room moved into Friends Hall, where a touch screen display features biographies and photos of every Hall of Famer. A graphic display of memorabilia and photography of legendary athletes serves as the backdrop for meetings and celebrations in a room fit for its legendary Cornellians.

The Big Red Athletic Hall of Fame honors the achievements of the college's outstanding individual student-athletes, coaches and supporters who have enhanced and reinforced the University’s commitment to athletic excellence.

To nominate a worthy Cornellian for the Athletic Hall of Fame, contact Kathleen Bolton, Special Events Coordinator at

The following Cornellians were associated with Cornell Basketball Program and have been elected to the Cornell Athletics Hall of Fame since 1978. These are some of the greats to wear the Cornell basketball jersey.


Anonymous said...

Can you do a post on what some former ivy head coaches are up to. for example

steve donahue - BC
fran dunphy - temple
jt 3 - g-town


BigRed1965 said...

The Cornell b-ball star missing from the HOF is Jerry Szachara '63. He was a great scorer and leader who was 1st team all-Ivy in '63 and drafted by the Knicks. He ranks 10th all-time in Cornell career scoring average for those playing in 3 seasons. His career average of 15.5 would have been higher if there had been a 3-point goal in those days. Yet his admission has been rejected. Why? Let Cornell athletics know you support his admission.

Anonymous said...

How long until dale and wittman are in the hall of fame you think?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Wittman and Dale belong in the Hall and will get in there. Foote and Gore also belong in there. Khaliq Gant also belongs in there for his courage, dedication and loyalty to his teammates and friends.

There are also some guys from the early 1900s that belong. The Hall seems to have forgotten some of the guys from the first half of the century.