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Cornell Picked 3rd by

Ivy League Preview

We continue with our league breakdowns for the upcoming season; we'll work backward from league No. 32 to our top-ranked league.

The breakdowns will become more in-depth as the leagues get bigger.

24. Ivy League

By David Fox

The Ivy League enjoyed a banner postseason, as Cornell reached the Sweet 16 for the conference's first NCAA tournament wins since 1998. Meanwhile, Princeton reached the semifinals of the College Basketball Invitational.

With four starters and coach Steve Donahue gone from Cornell, Princeton and Harvard will try to wrest the Ivy League title away from the Big Red for the first time in three seasons.

New Cornell coach Bill Courtney, a former assistant at Virginia Tech, Virginia and George Mason, does not have an empty cupboard. G Chris Wroblewski started for the Sweet 16-bound Big Red, but C Mark Coury, F Errick Peck and G Max Groebe need to take on bigger roles.

Princeton will be led by Gs Doug Davis and Dan Mavraides. The Tigers continue to be one of the nation's best defensive teams, but coaches need those in the frontcourt, led by Ian Hummer, to step up. Harvard will miss G Jeremy Lin, but Kyle Casey broke out as a freshman by averaging 10.4 points and 5.1 rebounds.

Meanwhile, the remaining teams will attempt to close the gap with the top three. Cornell, Princeton and Harvard finished 10-4 or better in league play. No other team finished better than 6-8, and three teams (Columbia, Brown and Penn) tied at 5-9.

Penn appears to be the most likely to take a leap. G Zack Rosen led the Ivy League in scoring last season at 17.7 points per game as a sophomore. F Jack Eggleston was second in the league in rebounding (6.4 per game) behind departed Cornell C Jeff Foote (8.1). The Quakers also add touted freshman Miles Cartwright.

Columbia builds around wing Noruwa Agho, the league's second-leading returning scorer (16.3 points per game). Yale has a talented frontcourt, but it lost high-scoring G Alex Zampier. Brown is led by seniors Peter Sullivan and Garrett Leffelman, but it needs several young players to emerge.

With no one averaging in double figures in scoring, Dartmouth won one game, fired its coach and brought back Paul Cormier, who coached the team from 1984-91.

F Jack Eggleston, Penn (6-8/215, Sr.)
F Michael Sands, Yale (6-7/240, Sr.)
G Noruwa Agho, Columbia (6-3/205, Jr.)
G Zack Rosen, Penn (6-1/175, Jr.)
G Chris Wroblewski, Cornell (6-0/175, Jr.)
C Mark Coury, Cornell (6-9/230, Sr.)
F Peter Sullivan, Brown (6-5/215, Sr.)
G Kyle Casey, Harvard (6-7/215, Soph.)
G Doug Davis, Princeton (5-11/155, Jr.)
G Dan Mavraides, Princeton (6-3/205, Sr.)
PLAYER OF YEAR: G Zack Rosen, Penn
NEWCOMER OF YEAR: G Andrew Ferry, Cornell (6-4/175, Jr./junior college transfer)

1. Princeton
2. Harvard
3. Cornell
4. Penn
5. Columbia
6. Yale
7. Brown
8. Dartmouth

New coaches: Jerome Allen at Penn (had been interim coach since Dec. 14); Paul Cormier at Dartmouth (had been a scout with the Golden State Warriors); Bill Courtney at Cornell (had been an assistant at Virginia Tech); Kyle Smith at Columbia (had been an assistant at Saint Mary's).
Regular-season winner last season: Cornell
Tourney winner last season: N/A
League RPI rank in each of past 3 years: 22nd in 2009-10, 29th in 2008-09, 24th in 2007-08.
Last NCAA tourney win by a league team: 2010, Cornell as a No. 12 seed in the second round.
2011 conference tournament: N/A


Anonymous said...

everybody sleeping on Born Ready

Anonymous said...

These seem to be very reasonable predictions for the most part, although I would put Kyle Casey on the First Team in place of Sands. Princeton lost a lot of their size in the front court, so it will be interesting to see how they respond. Also, I think Kareem Maddox of Princeton and Errick Peck will be breakout stars this season.

Anonymous said...

Born Ready himself is sleeping way too much in general. The guy sounds like he does nothing but whine and nap. I hope he enjoys this break away from school -- he needs it. He went from a demanding school year to a demanding 9 to 5 summer desk job and right back to a demanding school year. You can't do that; you need a serious vacation. And sometimes, going home is not vacation enough -- your parents will just make you do chores and spend time with them. Sometimes the only real break is a hammock on the beach; it totally clears your head. I hope he schedules one in somewhere before conference play.

Anonymous said...

you guys need to stop twitter stalking this guy

Anonymous said...

that's true. the only impression you get from Born Ready's twitter account is that he is totally emo.

he better be doing work, because I know Kyle Casey is

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Casey is rehabbing a broken foot.

Anonymous said...

hopefully his basketball is not affected by whatever is causing his emo tweets

last year the ithaca journal reported that he suffered homesickness and that his teammates called him a mama's boy, but his basketball seemed to continuously improve nevertheless and he became really consistent towards the end of the season

Anonymous said...

dude is the opposite of Wrobo

Born Ready = mama's boy, emo, enjoys taking naps, looks lackadaisical

Ski = clutch, ice cold killer, assassin

Anonymous said...

I don't recall him saying his teammates were calling him a "Mama's boy", from what I remember he said Foote and Louis were helping him out with the homesickness. The guy is a young player, its his second season, he cant be expected to understand what it takes to lead a team by himself yet, thats a skill that is very much hands on learning. Especially last year when he did not need to be a leader, now with the team in his and Wrobo's hands he will start to learn it. Plus not every ball player has the mindset of a defensive lineman, if he is a more sensitive guy then so be it.

Anonymous said...

wow, there are some truly moronic folks who post on this blog. seriously, do really know anything about the guy?

Anonymous said...

Born Ready also needs to stop tweeting about how much he be partying. Seems like that's all he gets excited to do.