Monday, October 4, 2010

A Cornellian with the First Assist

Above, the November 26, 1943 Cornell Bulletin previews the '43-'44 Big Red. As the article explains, due to the ongoing war, Cornell's roster featured a patchwork of transfers from other basketball programs, including Nat Militzok from Hofstra.

The December 10, 1943 issue of the Cornell Bulletin shows a picture of Nat Militzok, a transfer from Hofstra.

Militzok was the first Cornellian to play in the NBA, seeing time for both the Toronto Huskies of the BAA (the forerunner of the NBA) and New York Knicks during the 1946-1947 season. In 57 total NBA games, Militzok averaged 4.3 points.

Militzok may be most well known for playing in what is considered the first NBA game in history when he suited up for the Knicks against the Huskies in Toronto on November 1, 1946. Above, the 1946-1947 Knicks team photo from training camp in New York State, the original '46-'47 Knicks logo and a cover of a flyer for the '46 Knicks-Huskies game.

Wearing No. 4 for the Knicks, Militzok appears to have recorded the very first assist in NBA history.

Nat Militzok's participation in the first NBA game is chronicled in several books and documentaries including the film, The First Basket.

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