Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dexter's LaMore heading to Cornell

Below, another article on Dave LaMore's recruiting commitment to attend Cornell University next season.

By Terry Jacoby
Heritage Newspapers
October 28, 2010

Dave LaMore always had a goal of accomplishing something his parents never did – go to college.

The Dexter junior accomplished that, and then some, when he committed last week to attend Cornell University, where he will play basketball and study business.

It’s not surprising that his parents played a big role in getting their son to not only reach his goal, but shatter it, by earning a free ticket to one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

“My dad has reminded me over the years not only how important school was, but that if I was going to get into college there was an easy way,” said LaMore, an impressive young man on and off the basketball court. “That way was to work hard in school, get good grades and get a scholarship.”

Because of a combination of financial needs, LaMore’s athletic ability and his skills in the classroom, LaMore will get a free education from an Ivy League school. His father’s “reminders” certainly have paid off for his son.

“My dad always kept me on track in school,” LaMore said. “He always told me that if I did well in school, a scholarship would be there for me, regardless of basketball. I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and set myself up for the rest of my life.”

LaMore, who will begin his fourth and final season of varsity basketball next month, visited Cornell on Oct. 13. He committed the next day.

“I played open gym (basketball) with some of the guys on the team and I did really well,” he said. “Then I went and hung out with the players and coaches. Everyone was very personable and friendly. What impressed me the most was how much of a family they all are.

“I also really liked the campus. It’s a lot like U of M. And of course, academically, the school is outstanding. They have one of the best business schools in the nation.”

LaMore, who has a 3.9 grade-point average and did very well on his ACT, went from Michigan “blue” to “red” in a hurry.

“I committed the next day on my way to breakfast,” he said. “I knew I was where I wanted to be.”

LaMore, who has bulked up this year, is looking forward to his senior year of basketball.

“I feel like we are going to have a big year,” he said.

Dexter coach Randy Swoverland wasn’t surprised that his big man has landed in the big-time of college basketball, a Division 1 program with the likes of Syracuse on the schedule every year.

“It was a combination of him being smart, a great young man, a very good basketball player and being 6-foot-9,” Swoverland said. “He’s worked really hard, especially this past off-season. We sent Cornell film of him and both the head coach and assistant coach came out to watch him play in an open gym. They talked with him for awhile to see what type of kid he was.”

Obviously, they liked what they saw and heard.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dave! You've made your Dad very proud, and are more than just a 'chip' off the old block! Wishing you continued success and happiness!

Linda Lee, WYCD Detroit

Anonymous said...

Yeah keep working hard Dave, we'll need a big man next year

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great kid. Welcome to Cornell.

Anonymous said...

He needs to be ready to contribute as a freshman, given the severe lack of post players next year.

Kid better be workin...

Anonymous said...

He'll be a welcome addition. Sounds like a great kid.

Anonymous said...

thought we didn't give scholarships?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell only gives need-based financial aid.