Thursday, October 21, 2010

Injury/Practice Updates

Brian Delaney of the Ithaca Journal updates the status of Cornell's preseason injuries. Delaney posted the following on the Journal website:
Stopped by CU men's basketball practice today and got this update from Bill Courtney on injuries as they pertain to Saturday's Red-White Scrimmage, and (for one player) beyond:

Freshman Dominic Scelfo (knee) and sophomore Pete McMillan (concussion) are expected to miss the scrimmage, while senior forward Aaron Osgood (hip) is questionable.

Scelfo’s injury appears to be the most serious, although the 6-foot-1 guard will have additional tests done to discern the exact problem.

“He’s got some knee issues that have flared up again,” Courtney said. “He’s going to have that looked at and try and figure out what the next step is for him. It could be awhile, or it could be something that he could be back this year, but we’re not sure yet.”

Courtney was referring to an incident involving Scelfo on October 2, 2009, during a recruiting visit to Saint Louis University, during a pick-up game, Scelfo tore his meniscus when he tried to plant his leg, but instead felt his knee collapse, tearing both sides of the meniscus. However, after having his knee surgically repaired and spending time in rehab, Scelfo was able to play the second half of his senior year of high school.

Delaney also added via Twitter, "Quick-hitters from today's practice: Tarwater played with the reds (top 7-8); Figini looked good; BC, Wrob. praised Peck's play."


Anonymous said...

Pity about Scelfo. Hope he gets better.

Great about Tarwarter & Figini.

I wonder if next time Delaney (or the SlopeTV guys) could perhaps comment on Ferry & Groebe. There's been nothing on them & we need them to be snipers. Courtney said Groebe was great standstill but he needed to get better 'cos there'd be more guys on him.

Anonymous said...

"Quick-hitters from today's practice: Tarwater played with the reds (top 7-8); Figini looked good; BC, Wrob. praised Peck's play."

Nice to hear Peck is playing well after that random comment from the Blue Ribbon preview

Anonymous said...

I think the comment from blue ribbon,the stuff courtney said in his delaney interviews about peck's mental maturity, and the comments about his emo tweets were all coming from the same concerns. It's clearly not affecting his performance though.

Born Ready. He won't disappoint.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Not certain on this, but believe Washington Post writer, Kathy Orton, wrote the Ivy sections of Blue Ribbon.

Take the Blue Ribbon preview with a grain of salt.

In fact, take all of the preview magazines with a grain of salt.

The typical fan that follows this Blog closely (as well as the other Ivy websites), probably knows more about the league than the journalists that don't closely follow the Ivy.

Anonymous said...

Got my eye on Tarwater as surprise ROY. Looks to be ready to POWER his way into the rotation. That 33 jersey continues its saga. Toppert, Tyler, Tarwater ...