Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ivy Media Conference

The Ivy Media Conference is underway... follow us on Twitter for live updates.


Anonymous said...

A lot of coach speak during that conference, Allen sure has mastered coach speak despite coaching less than a year, he answered Kevin Tatum's question about how the injured guys are progressing without mentioning a single one of their names

Anonymous said...

Allen did not say anything specific about anything, to any single question. It was fascinating how he pulled that off.

Anonymous said...

Most of the coaches were like that but Allen was the worst. Most of them went through the whole conference without even mentioning a single player's name. Being in Philly, maybe Allen has watched too many Andy Reid press conferences because that is basically what Allen did, I half expected him to say "time's yours"

Got to give Cormier his props, he was very direct and not afraid to give specific examples of how Dartmouth had issues before.