Thursday, October 14, 2010

More LaMore

The Cornell Basketball Blog had a chance today to speak with Randy Swoverland, head coach of Dexter High School Basketball and the coach of Dave LaMore (Dexter HS) Whitmore Lake, MI, 6-10, 220, Cornell's latest recruiting commitment.

Earlier today, when announcing the commitment, we noted that Tulane, James Madison, Navy, Harvard, Holy Cross, UNC Wilmington, Detroit, Eastern Kentucky, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Pacific and Old Dominion recruited LaMore. Of this group, Swoverland confirmed for us that LaMore held scholarship offers from Tulane, James Madison, and Navy and indicated that LaMore visited Navy and Bowling Green, but canceled a visit to Tulane when decidng on Cornell. Swoverland also indicated that he took recruiting calls from the coaching staffs at Harvard, Penn and Evansville, while Loyola-Chicago visited Dexter High School and continued to recruit LaMore.

When asked about LaMore's strengths, Swoverland told us, "Dave is a versatile big guy, he can go inside or out on the perimeter, he can make the mid range shots and has really expanded his game." He added, "Any reports that he is still working on a low post game [against college size players] is not accurate. Dave is very good with his off hand, he has a variety of post moves, some of which he hasn't even used in high school because he hasn't had to at this level." He added, "I would describe Dave as both a finesse player and a guy that mixes it up, he'll do both for a team."

In terms of weaknesses Swoverland noted, "Dave needs to get stronger and improve his lateral quickness. He is quick moving in a straight line up and down the court, but he needs to work on that lateral quickness and get stronger... I just measured him two weeks ago and he was 6'9" and 224 pounds, but he is definitely still growing. He just grew in the last six months since I last measured him," noted Swoverland.

"He is such a hard worker, I will use the phrase 'gym rat' to describe his work ethic. He's very well respected among classmates and the other athletes here at Dexter... this [recruiting] process [was the culmination] of a plan Dave set for himself as a freshman, to use basketball as a means to get himself into a college of his choosing."

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