Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News and Notes: Evening Edition

Below, some late day news and notes. Above, Cornell men's basketball season tickets are now on sale. Click the image to visit the Cornell Athletics Ticket Office.
  • Here is a little factoid from the Cornell roster. Cornell junior, Athony Gatlin, a 6'8" transfer from Centenary is playing for his 5th head coach in five years. This could be some type of record. Here is a glimpse at Gatlin's path journey.
*2006-2007-Pearland High School, Pearland, Texas, Head Coach Steve Buckelew
*2007-2008-Cenetenary College, Head Coach Rob Flaska
*2008-2009-Cenenteary College, Head Coach Greg Gary
*2009-2010-Cornell University, Head Coach Steve Donahue
*2010-2011-Cornell University, Head Coach Bill Courtney
  • In more Ivy roster report news, two Dartmouth veterans dropped from the Big Green's 2010-2011 roster. Josef Brown a 6'9" sophomore and Herve Kouna, a 6'6" junior are off the team. Meanwhile, Yale has added a player with the addition of senior walk-on, Alfonso Costa, a 6'1" guard.
  • Cornell Athletics sent out the following release on the basketball team's recent charitable work:

ITHACA, N.Y. -- The Cornell men's basketball team has had a history of serving the Cornell and Ithaca, N.Y. communities, but rarely have they had such an opportunity to make as large an impact as they had working with the Ithaca Feed My Starving Children group in September.

Along with other varsity teams at Cornell, including the women's lacrosse program, men's basketball players assisted in helping pack more than 150,000 means, translating into 429 children who will receive meals for a year through the program.

Among the organizations that partnered for the event were Shared Journeys, Community Faith Partnership, Cornell International Christian Fellowship, Cornell Law School, Ithaca Community LEAH, Young Life, Vineyard Church, Covenant Love Church, Cornell Athletics, International Students Inc., Latter Day Saints, Living Water Christian Fellowship, Community Faith Partnership, Ithaca College Circle K, Cornell Interfraternity Council and Trinity Lutheran Church.
Bill: Hi Dana. Am just curious if any of the Ivy league teams look especially strong this year and can any of them perhaps win a round or two athe NCAA's?

A: Bill: Boy, that's a tall order to look for a repeat Cornell. I think Princeton is on the cusp of becoming Princeton again. I'm not sure they are win a game in the tourney good enough yet, though.

(9:57 AM)

BC's Steve Donahue is up next.

David (New York)

Coach Donahue, what about BC are you selling to recruits? As alums we know BC has so much to offer.

Steve Donahue
(10:01 AM)

Its a few things but first and foremost I want students to know that we are a top 30 academic school in the country. It also helps that we are in a great city like Boston and we play in the ACC.

Billy (Boston College)

Coach Donahue, very hapy that you have joined the program. As a 2010 grad I'm looking forward to coming out to Conte Forum already. How are the players adjusting from the flex to your style of offense? Any players standing out?

Steve Donahue
(10:03 AM)

Thanks for the excitement for our program. I don't think I cold have asked more of our guys to learn the new system. I think that you'll see are guys playing with a lot more freedom in our half court offense as well as our run game. You will also see the use of the three point line more often.

Willie (SJ)

How was Midnight Madness?

Steve Donahue
(10:05 AM)

Willie, we have wanted to call IceJam. It's the first time in the country where we will have the national championship ice hockey team on one side and the basketball teams on the other side. Both of the men's and women's team for each sport will be there. It should be a good time for the fans. IceJam takes place on Tuesday Oct. 26. Hope to see you there!

David (Boston)

Coach, I like to see games at the arena there on campus. From a fans' perspective the facilities look good. From your perspective, what do you think?

Steve Donahue
(10:06 AM)

I think Conte Forum is a terrific place to watch college basketball. It seats about 9,000, so it's not too big. I think it allows fans to get an up close and personal feel for the game. The one thing that I I think we could work on is getting the fans more involved and getting Conte Forum to be one of the toughest places to play in the ACC.

David (New York)

What about IceJam next week are you excited about?

Steve Donahue
(10:08 AM)

That's a good question. We are giving away a BMW, so I'm really excited about that. But I'm most excited about seeing how much the students are fired up for the upcoming season.

Dave (Boston)

What ha has been the biggest adjustment from the Ivy League to the ACC?

Steve Donahue
(10:09 AM)

Terrific question. I spent 20 years in the Ivy League and only five months in the ACC. The things we did in the offseason in the Ivy League weren't big news stories like they are in the ACC. Once I sign a recruit its front page news right alway. It wasn't always like that in the Ivy League.

Steve Donahue
(10:10 AM)

Thanks for chatting with me this morning. Look forward to the support this season.

Three coaches made their Atlantic Coast Conference debuts Wednesday at the league's annual basketball media day. Steve Donahue of Boston College, Jeff Bzdelik of Wake Forest and Brad Brownell of Clemson got their first taste of the wall-to-wall coverage the ACC receives through the season.
Donahue led Cornell to a 29-5 record and a berth in the NCAA Sweet 16 last season. He succeeds Al Skinner, who was fired after 13 seasons. Donahue spent a decade at Cornell and knows he is diving into a much deeper pool.

"I was a mid-major coach and to get anywhere at that level you can't just be good," Donahue said. "You have to be off-the-charts great and that's what we were able to do. But Cornell was a 10-year project and there is way more pressure to win earlier (in the ACC). You have to be good a lot faster."

One thing Donahue welcomes is the ACC's post-season tournament. The Ivy League uses the regular season to determine its NCAA representative, which can sour a lot of seasons before February is over.

"In the Ivy, the reality was you probably couldn't lose more than two league games and expect to win the championship," Donahue said. "In the ACC, if things are going badly you can still improve your team and then have a chance to show something in the conference tournament."


Anonymous said...

Any word on the status of the two walk-ons this year? I think their names are Cherry and Okoye?

Anonymous said...

it looks like there has been a significant expansion in the reserved seats? Or did that happen last year?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell expanded the seating during summer 2009.