Monday, October 4, 2010

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, news and notes for Monday...

  • Jeff Foote ('10) scored 3 points on Sunday, including a slam dunk in Maccabi Tel Aviv's 86-64 exhibition tournament win over Italian team Enel Brindisi. On Tuesday, Maccabi faces Caserta in the same tournament.
  • Syracuse's newspaper, the Daily Orange writes, "In its non-conference schedule, Syracuse will rarely have a break. Following a three-game 'easy' streak after Northern Iowa, the Orange will face Michigan, Georgia Tech/UTEP, Cornell, North Carolina State and Michigan State in succession."
  • Just a point on recruiting. We have probably said it a thousand times before when analyzing potential recruits. Fans should place very little weight on the opinions of journalists, bloggers and website scouts and focus more on the opinions of coaches, particularly college coaches. Recruiting is not a science which can be quantified in a score or ranking. Evaluating talent is an art and it requires subjective analysis. Jamie Dixon, Pitt's head coach, voiced a similar sentiment this week in a discussion with Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman. Dixon's opinion is widely shared among coaching staffs across the country. Moreover, the topic of the lack of reliability of some of the recruiting websites was explored in the September 27, 2010 issue of Sports Illustrated.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet dunk by Lou. Playing like he's the chancellor of Germany.