Thursday, October 7, 2010

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Above, the the 1998-1999 Cornell media guide with Jeff Aubry ('99) on the cover. Aubry holds Cornell's record for career blocks. Below, some news and notes...
  • Dana O'Neil of ESPN writes about Penn's rebuilding project and notes, "Penn is coming off three disastrous seasons in the four years since Fran Dunphy skipped across town to Temple. The Quakers have won just 29 games (losing 58) and worse, ceded control of the Ivy League to Cornell."
  • Brian Delaney of the Ithaca Journal tweeted a note that Cornell Athletics posted the start/tip-off times for the majority of this season's games.


Anonymous said...

What are we supposed to do with your German and Hebrew retweets?

Anonymous said...

Harvard today received a commit from a guy named Wesley Saunders. This Saunders, along with Kenyatta Smith and Devin Cherry, were mentioned by Jerome Allen in a Fox Sports interview a couple of weeks ago as guys that Penn was targeting.

This just made me wonder, has Penn gotten any commits yet? So far, two of the guys on Allen's list have committed to Harvard and one has committed to us.

If they have not gotten commits, is that odd? Brown, Princeton, Columbia, and Yale already have one or two commits each; Harvard and Cornell each have four so far, I believe. Penn and Dartmouth seem to have none.

Of course lots of commits seem to be happening right now so I might have missed one, or they might get one any day and my comment will be moot, but the silence so far seems odd, for Penn at least; Dartmouth less so.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Penn does not have any commits. Devin Cherry, Keynatta Smith and Wes Saunders were 3 of their top targets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Well Penn still has a couple of high-level targets who are also considering Harvard(like Mike Turner who you mentioned in your latest blog post; ESPN 90, three stars). As Harvard gets more and more filled up, I'm guessing some of these guys will start committing to Penn. Harvard still has like four or five targets -- Hollins, Dinwiddie, Misou something, etc etc -- they won't have room for all of them I think.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Technically, Harvard has no limits. They can have a roster of 30 guys if they want it.

But you are right, with the numbers increasing, Harvard is running out of space if it wants to keep the roster practical.

And not sure the others will go to Penn. The Quakers themselves are pretty crowded and the program has struggled recently, losing some of its luster. A couple of kids (on and off the record) have said they did not feel a connection with the Penn staff, this includes Saunders.

This is a big year for Penn to rebuild its image.

Anonymous said...

Just last year, even in the midst of an 0-10 run, Penn was still able to score great commits. This was because many believed an attitude expressed by Kathy Orton (who authored the Ivy basketball book): she told the NYT this past season how she believed the P’s would return to dominance (they had inherent advantages over other Ivies, she said) and were simply undergoing a slump due to coaching transitions.

Clearly the two things no one foresaw were Cornell’s Sweet 16 run and Harvard’s successful marketing of Lin.

Nevertheless, I think Penn will be back this season and will receive a recruiting bump again afterwards. They have good guys this year and despite Harvard’s recruits, we’ve seen that recruiting is only part of the equation and does not dictate wins. I truly believe Penn can finish above Harvard this year and honestly see the P’s as our biggest threats.

Anonymous said...

Yes, at this point, the uncertainty created by Kyle Casey's broken foot in an already thin front court, and the unknown surrounding how well Cornell's players can be molded into a unit, are simply facts for the 2010-11 season.

With the uncertainties and unknowns not resolved, it is totally reasonable to project that Princeton will win the league and [a healthy] Penn will be a competitive second.

Sigh... How quickly the P's seem to have returned.