Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Tuesday. Above, a collection of Cornell media guides from the 1987-1988 season through the 1995-1996 season.
  • ESPN's Dana O'Neil writes about the "five things" she can't wait to see this year in the ACC. She writes, "Steve Donahue's Adjustment to the ACC: Six years ago, John Thompson III jumped from Princeton to Georgetown, amid grunts and groans that the Ivy League coach would be in over his head in the Big East. With one Final Four, two Big East titles and three NCAA tournament berths to his credit, no one says that about JT3 any more. Now it’s Donahue’s turn. He built Cornell from nothing into a Goliath-slaying Ancient Eight power, topping off his Big Red run with a spot in the Sweet 16. But Donahue’s road is a little tougher than Thompson’s. Boston College is still a relative ACC newbie and a geographic misfit. The Eagles have a decent tradition, but it is not of the same ilk of its league peers. Of course, they said that about Cornell, too."
  • The Varsity of Canada writes, "Alex Hill, a transfer from Cornell University, is projected to be a starter and a focal point in the [University of Toronto] offense. 'It’s an opportunity to see if Hill can become the player that’s expected of him, which could be a pretty important guy,' said [Toronto coach, Mike] Katz."
  • The Albany Student Press writes, "The Danes conference schedule has yet to be fully released but their first game comes on Nov. 12 when they open their season at home against Cornell, who made a run to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament last season."
  • Madison.com writes, "[Wisconsin coach, Bo] Ryan has already shown his players clips of last season's 87-69 loss to Cornell in a second-round NCAA tournament game that was rife with fundamental breakdowns such as failing to block out and becoming loose with the ball."

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