Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recruiting News: Harvard Adds No. 21

Below, some Ivy recruiting news...

Harvard has No. 21 and we are not talking about a jersey number. Harvard's 2011-2012 men's basketball roster has now reached 21 players and it could still be climbing. Today, Max Hooper (Brewster Academy) Brewster, NH, 6-6, F, has formally committed to Harvard per his high school coach. Hooper is the 6th commitment for Harvard's class of 2011. With only three seniors on the 2011-2012 Crimson roster (Keith Wright, Oliver McNally and Andrew Van Nest), Harvard must either cut several players on its 2011-2012 roster or limit its class of 2012 (the current high school juniors) to fewer than three recruits, or else risk having a roster stuck at 20-plus for the foreseeable future. In short, Harvard has some decisions to make. And incredibly, the Crimson have this roster overload problem even after two non-seniors, Spencer de Mars and Pete Edelson, left the program this year. Also noteworthy, not one of Harvard's 21 players arrived in Cambridge via transfer. Each recruited directly out of high school.

In other recruiting news, Jon Schmidt (Friends School) Baltimore, MD, 6-7, F, told the Baltimore Sun, “I’ve been looking mostly at Ivy League schools, I’m very interested in Cornell and Dartmouth. Cornell said if I get one point higher on my ACT, then I can go there. But as far as Dartmouth, they want to see me play against higher competition. But I have a lot of options, and it’s exciting. So hopefully I’ll be able to play well this season. I’ve been working hard so that I can play well against the good competition.”


Anonymous said...

When does it end, at this point I would be surprised if Hollins tells doesnt end up there

Anonymous said...

Is Harvard on "probation" for recruiting their 2012 class?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Harvard did not disclose the details of their punishment.

Without scholarships in the Ivy, the punishment is insignificant.

Anonymous said...

CBB, yes the roster size is large and the questions you raise regarding roster changes may be noteworthy to some - but, as you have said numerous times, this is a Cornell basketball blog and I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with whether any Haaaahvaaaad kids may or may not have been misled by Amaker (and I doubt any of us know the true story in every case). To me, the relevant point here is that Harvard (a hated foe) is attracting some nice recruits (as we have done as well). Hopefully as many of us speculated (or hoped) might prove to be the case after our successful run last year, the league as a whole is becoming more competitive (and at least the balance of power has shifted away from the Ps). I for one am happy to read about our new recruits and the elevated athleticism of the guys joining our program.

Anonymous said...

Put me in the camp that thinks there's an overemphasis (bordering on preachy) on roster sizes, and the number of players that leave teams, on this blog. Frankly, every team in the league has a bloated roster.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Perfect example of the marketing pitches these kids are sold on:


This kid has virtually no chance of seeing the floor at Harvard. It is just a reality.

Other players with his stand-still shooting skill set on the Harvard roster include:

Laurent Rivard, Dee Giger, and Corbin Miller, not to mention the presence of Wes Saunders and Max Kenyi, also wing types.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 7:56- every team in the Ivy has a bloated roster, including the Big Red.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell's roster includes several transfers which were not recruited to Cornell.

For example, Mark Coury applied to Cornell, was accepted and the coaching staff had no idea who he was. Similar with Anthony Gatlin.

Cornell's other transfers include Max Groebe and Andrew Ferry.

Only junior college players are "recruited" like high school players.

Also, all of Cornell's transfers were mid-year year arrivals.

Another player on the Cornell roster was a mid-season walk-on addtion, Jon Gray.

Cornell has only 14 players recruited out of high school.

None of the transfers are "A.I. Boosters"

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point. Harvard has 12 recruited players currently on the roster. take away Kenyi and the math still says 13. But so what?

Anonymous said...

I fail to see the dastardly "marketing pitch."

From the link:
“Academically, Harvard is Harvard. You can’t dispute that fact.”

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

This is the 2011-2012 roster, you are looking at the wrong roster.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The marketing pitch told him he will be of use to the.

I'm sure MRJames would agree that Hooper is unlikely to ever see playing time for Harvard.

And the kid did a year of prep school so he could play basketball AND get an Ivy education.

He is only getting of 1 out of 2 with Harvard.

In all reality, he probably wouldn't play for any Ivy team.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who the kid is and have never heard of him.

Last year people criticized Harvard when some skinny kid nobody had ever heard about named Giger was quoted as having been told that Harvard wanted him to "come in shooting" or something to that affect.

He was something like 4-5 from deep in crunch time of the season opener. I think he played his way in and out of the lineup the resat of the way but evidently he was not being sold a false bill of goods.

I think that if you are part of the recruiting class, you have an opportunity to compete for playing time. Not sure what else I could ask for at any school other than easier classes.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

WHAT? Giger had more than a dozen D-I offers and played for one of the country's top high school teams.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but isn't it Hopper's fault if he doesn't see the floor? It's his job to be aware of the fact that Harvard already has landed 5 big-time recruits and that he's probably going to be stuck on the depth chart there anyway? Maybe he knows that and didn't care because he still wanted to get a Harvard education? Also, don't forget that Miller won't be on the team from 2011-2013, so that takes away one.