Friday, October 22, 2010

Red-White Update from the Ithaca Journal

Brian Delaney of the Ithaca Journal provides an update on the Red-White scrimmage. Delaney writes:
Cornell men focus on defense ahead of basketball scrimmage

The public will get its first look at the Bill Courtney-coached Cornell men's basketball team when the Big Red puts on the annual Red-White Scrimmage at noon Saturday at Newman Arena.

Expect it to be a defensive-minded debut.

The team completed its fifth practice in six days Thursday, and Courtney said defense and rebounding has been an early focus as the team learns to perform, among other things, without a 7-foot center in the middle to erase mistakes.

"I want to see guys get on the floor, take charges, grab loose balls, those types of things," Courtney said. "We haven't put in much, but hopefully they can execute some of the things we've talked about and that can carry over."

Freshman Dominic Scelfo (knee) and sophomore Pete McMillan (concussion) are expected to miss the scrimmage, while senior forward Aaron Osgood (hip) is questionable.

Scelfo's injury appears to be the most serious, although the 6-foot-1 guard will have additional tests done to discern the exact problem.

"He's got some knee issues that have flared up again," Courtney said. "He's going to have that looked at and try and figure out what the next step is for him. It could be awhile, or it could be something that he could be back this year, but we're not sure yet."


Anonymous said...

jeez, Osgood can't afford to get injured.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell is better prepared to lose one of its big men than the other Ivies.

Cornell has a pair of very good posts in Osgood and Coury.

But neither Harvard (Keith Wright) or Princeton (Kareem Maddox) can really afford to lose their top big guy. Neither team has a high quality veteran big behind them.

Anonymous said...

It's not clear that Cornell really is better prepared for frontcourt injuries than the others.

Aro, solid as he appears to be, is not a "veteran" big. He logged 71 minutes in his first three years at Cornell.

Princeton's soph Will Barrett has played more than Aro and will play major minutes behind Hummer and Maddox this year.

Harvard, as you say, is woefully thin and of questionable health in the frontcourt.

Though Penn has the deepest and most experienced set of 4's and 5's, its members must prove that they are healthy and durable.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to me that the Sun has not had a single article on the basketball team this entire semester except for maybe one on the first day of the semester, what are they doing? They seem to focus more on covering the minor sports no one cares about than focusing on basketball,hockey

Anonymous said...

The Sun is irrelevant when basketball is concerned. The only guys worth a damn regarding Cornell bball are the Blog, Slope sports, and Brian Delaney.

Anonymous said...

Somehow Cornell did not list the scrimmage as an event

Anonymous said...

why complain about the sun on this blog? - why not do so on the sun blog or by a letter to the sports editor? perhaps they will listen to the readers and give you what you want.

Anonymous said...

the sun does great work during the season.

Anonymous said...

whoever posted at 3:29 may be the single most intelligent commenter on this entire blog