Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wittman Highlights

Above, Italian fans urge Wittman to "Diacazzo" during Forli's 65-53 loss on October 17 to Immorbiliare Spiga Rimini. Wittman finished with 8 points. Below, highlights from the game:

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify one thing....i am one of the author of the "Ryan dai cazzo!".
i got to know Ryan personally and the meaning of what we wrote was everything but insulting, it was something we talked about with ryan and it was meant to be something to laugh about with him.ryan asked me what "dai cazzo" meant before we hed it written in the match and the meaning is not what reported on "urban dictionary" but it's something said in a friendly way to support someone.
everyone in forlì feels happy about ryan and, even if the beginning was a bit hard, no one has ever doubt about his qualities. we like him as a player and have a good feeling about him as a guy!!