Monday, November 22, 2010

Cornell at Lehigh Game Preview Center

Get all the information you need about the Big Red's game at Lehigh tonight (7 pm) with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center.


Anonymous said...

Not a good line at all for Groebe.....this team will get better. This is new to a lot of them, and they will be inconsistent.

Coach got 11 into the rotation again - the more minutes that they get, the more that they will improve.

Anonymous said...

Why are Figini and Coury not getting any minutes?

Anonymous said...

As a team the Big Red is shooting 38% overall and 36% from three over 5 games. Several guards are actually even worse individually. Can't win with that offensive production.

Time to go small, spread the floor with 2 ballhandling/scoring guards ala Wrobo and Dale and a small three ala Wittman, a small 4 ala Jacques, play the guys who can create off dribble when the floor is spread and who can penetrate and kick and make shots. Most of all, play the guys that will battle. But always stay positive and support these guys.