Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newman Nation Jersey Night

(Cornell Athletics Announcement)-The Cornell Men's Basketball is returning to Newman Arena on Wednesday, November 17th! Coach Bill Courtney and his staff are poised and ready for another exciting year of Cornell Basketball, and we know you are, too!

Tickets for this highly anticipated home opener are on sale now, and FREE student tickets are now available! Cornell students are required to have an advance ticket for this game - Newman Arena has limited capacity and it will sell out.

Don't forget students: this is our Newman Nation jersey giveaway night! ***The first 1,500 students in attendance will receive a 2010-11 Newman Nation jersey... FREE!*** Doors open at 5:30pm. Don't be late, or you will miss out. Tickets can be purchased (general public and students) here:

Students: be sure to choose to ticket option for "CU Students"


Anonymous said...

So, is it true that the banner raising will happen Friday night against Bonaventure?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Yes, banner raising on Friday night, but Newman Nation night on Wednesday. Two big events.

Here is to hoping the real basketball fans (among the student body) show up on Wednesday. Would like to see the real fans get the Newman Nation jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Totally random, but yesterday we were discussing how our recruits' ESPN ratings randomly just changed recently.

I just noticed that H and Y's ratings have all changed too, if I remember the old lists correctly, which shows how silly and random these lists can be.

Before: A bunch of 90's and no one under 80
After: Nobody in the 90s and one guy a 78.

Before: Every single guy was mid-eighties-ish.
After: Every single guy is a 79.

In fact everyone everywhere seems to have been bumped down, except for Galal Cancer.

Just shows you can't trust these things. So many people were stressing about them, but they just randomly change. Last week, Harvard commit Max Hooper was six or seven points higher than our Galal Cancer, now he's two points below him. Last week I was highly impressed with Yale's list of nothing but 83, 86, etc recruits, but had I visited for the first time today, I would not have been impressed with a list of 70-somethings. Similarly, I think seeing a bunch of 90s on H's list panicked some Cornell fans; while a bunch of 80s look very, very good but not so insurmountable. (They never looked insurmountable to some of us anyways.)

They probably just make these ratings up with little support, especially for mid-majors.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

When we get a name of a prospect, we immediately go right to coaches to get their opinions.

Ratings from bloggers and journalists are very political and often based on very little information, especially with respect to Ivy prospects.

Scholarship offers (quantity/quality) are usually the best indicator of talent.

Now, of course, every now and again you have kids slip through the radars and turn out to be great despite receiving no offers elsewhere (ex: Adam Gore). But typically, the league's better players tend to rack up a lot of scholarship offers, and examples of those players include Errick Peck, Zach Rosen and Kyle Casey.

Peck passed on Butler.

Rosen passed on Seton Hall, Rutgers and Iowa State.

Casey passed on UMass and Big East offers if he agreed to do a postgrad season.

Anonymous said...

Impressed re:Rosen. Always thought he was good but didn't know he was THAT good. Interested to see Rosen v. Ski this year. Ski's full talents were not required last year.

Sno Cone said...

If I'm not a Cornell student and i want to attend one of the games at a later time could I purchase a Newman Nation jersey?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

They are all gone from what we understand.

Sno Cone said...

So there's no chance maybe from the manufacturer the photo above has a number listed for Park Anthony or something like that.