Friday, November 12, 2010

News and Notes: Almost Tip-Off

Below, some early evening news and notes...
  • Another reminder: Albany's Athletics Department has confirmed for The Cornell Basketball Blog that Albany has opted to show video for tonight's game. A monthly subscription to Dane Zone is required. Click here to see the game. Get all the information you need about the Big Red's games this weekend at Albany (11/12) and Seton Hall (11/14) with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center.

UAlbany vs. Cornell Gameday

ALBANY - It's opening night for the University at Albany Great Danes.

Hopefully a decent crowd turns out tonight for the men's and women's doubleheader.

ESPN Simulation gives this game to Cornell, 74-61, and gives UAlbany just a 16.6 percent chance of winning tonight.

Of course, they have Chris Wroblewski scoring 23 points and he may not play because of a sprained ankle.

UAlbany there's hope, too. To show how much this prediction knows, it says the Great Danes will be led in scoring by transfer Theo Hatcher, who will score 11.

Here are some stories to read (if you're not already traveling to or at the game).

Troy Record advance

Ithaca Journal story on Cornell

EDIT: In my UAlbany season preview that ran Thursday, I said senior Tim Ambrose needed 28 points to reach 1,000 for his career. Not sure where I was looking when I was adding up the stats because Ambrose already has 1,051 points and sits 27th on the school's all-time scoring list.
  • Rutgers coach Mike Rice said today of his team's game at Princeton tonight, "They're Cornell-like good, top 40 team in the country good. They have size, they're skilled, they have depth. They have experience. To play against Princeton anywhere is tough, but now going to Princeton is going to be an unbelievable challenge."
  • The Columbia Spectator writes, "The 2010 edition of the Light Blue will operate in a much more up-tempo style, similar to the way St. Mary’s and Ivy rival Cornell played last year, with four players out on the perimeter and one inside...For the first time in four years, there is no Cornell in the Ivy League—no one team that is certain to dominate the rest of the Ancient Eight. While either Harvard or Princeton is likely to finish on top, it wouldn’t be impossible for Penn to overtake them. The middle of the league will be even more hotly contested, with Dartmouth being the only team with no chance of finishing higher than seventh... The Lions were picked to finish seventh in the league, but it is possible for them to exceed those expectations. An Ivy title is essentially out of the question—Harvard and Princeton are just too good. “You can’t be hung up on the results as much as the process,” [Columbia coach Kyle] Smith said, acknowledging that the program has to grow a bit more before it can compete for the league title. “It took Steve Donahue six or seven years to really put his imprint on that program.”
  • From Denny Kuiper of ACC Sports Journal, "Steve Donahue is an outstanding coach who proved at Cornell that he knows how to win. Will the returning [Boston College] players buy into Donahue? I think they will, because they have not had much success in the past, so they will be receptive to something new.


Anonymous said...

"Ed. note - Albany does not allow live-blogging, so please check back tomorrow for a recap of this game from our reporter on the scene. Sorry about the mishap.]"

What is Albany's problem, had to twist their arm to provide video and now they are not allowing RTC to live blog the game, mid majors should take all the publicity they can get when they can get it

Anonymous said...

Do they also set of an EMP so people can't post to Twitter from the stands? Eff off, Albany Athletics.

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Now with my $9.95 purchase I can watch all home U of Albany games for the whole month!!

On a serious note: I'm very excited that this series of tubes allows me to view this game here in Alaska.

Go Big Red!

Anonymous said...

It's utterly ridiculous that UAlbany does not allow live blogging/tweeting.

Fortunately, it looks like you don't have to give this athletic department ten bucks to watch the game; check out

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Note: You can't expand the screen on channel surfing.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason WVBR streaming online isn't working?

Anonymous said...

VBR isn't working anywhere. Pregame intro came on for 10 second, then 2 minutes of dead air, then music for the last two hours.

Anonymous said...

That really stinks. I'm listening to the Albany radio feed on Fox 980 and ewatching the video on but I'd really like to hear the postgame show!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you go cancel your subscription from UAlbany...alot of those school website things will automatically renew you each month.

Anonymous said...

poor Barry, made the trip and couldnt even broadcast the game

MyATTBell said...

The Bench looked good, tonight. Watch out for Jonathan Gray and his 12pts.

Anonymous said...

Seton Hall fans are a joke, over on shu board they are ready to fire Willard already, would love to see that board melt down after we beat them

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if SHU won by 20. And the type of 20, where they're up 30 and then can relax in the last 5 minutes and we get in the 15-20 range.