Wednesday, November 17, 2010

News and Notes: Early Evening Edition

Below, some early evening news and notes. Get all the information you need about Cornell's game tonight (6:50 PM) vs. the Delaware Blue Hens with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. The first 1,500 students receive Newman Nation jerseys. Championship and Sweet Sixteen banners will be raised promptly at 6:50 pm.

Click Here for a Live Ivy League Scoreboard for Wednesday, November 17
Delaware at Cornell, 7 pm
Holy Cross at Harvard, 7 pm
Penn at Manhattan, 7 pm
Columbia at St. John’s, 8 pm
  • Several members of Cornell's class of '10 have written twitter shout-outs to the Big Red. Pete Reynolds tweets, "Good luck tonight boys! Go get 'em! Wish I could be there suitin up and playin some pregame 1-on-1 post moves on the block with @RWitt87." Jon Jaques writes, "Cornell home opener tonight...Sweet 16 banner raising!!! Looking forward to Barry Leonard with the soundtrack." And Ryan Wittman tweets, "Cornell bball home opener, lets do it boys...I'm thinking triple double from Wire (Assits, Steals, Offensive Rebounds)."
  • The Cornell Daily Sun also reports Jeff Foote's loan assignment by Maccabi Tel Aviv to Melilla Baloncesto.

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