Tuesday, November 2, 2010

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Tuesday....
  • The polls are open in the Iowa State Senate race today with Andrew Naeve ('07) as a Republican candidate. Naeve is a former All Ivy League center for Cornell.
  • Bill Courtney was interviewed last night on Channel 13 in Ithaca by Bill McGill. Ithaca area residents can watch Courtney's taped interview today at 10am and 5pm.
  • In its 2010-2011 season preview, Rush The Court writes, "Every year teams come out of nowhere and burst into the top 25, while sports writers run to their keyboards to type the requisite 'Where Did Team X Come From' story. I mean how many people saw Cornell coming last year? Who said last October that Butler would go on to lose the national championship game by just a couple of inches? Conversely, there are teams that look great on paper in the preseason but fail to live up to the hype once the season starts. Think North Carolina last season. Why did the Tar Heels begin the year in the top 10 again? Allow us to sort through the mess and pull out this year’s Cornells and North Carolinas for you. Missouri fans, get ready to be excited. West Virginia fans, start thinking of things to say in your hate mail."
  • CollegeHoopsNet.com posted some quotes from the Ivy League Media Day last week, including the following:
Cornell's Bill Courtney (29-5, 13-1)
"We are a team full of unknowns, so even our returning players will have to step into new roles. I love the work ethic of my players. Losing 3 of the best players in school history means that a guy like Chris Wroblewski will have to take on a lot of leadership, and he has excelled in that role. I definitely can recall the night I scored 31 points as a senior in a two-point win against Cornell; you always remember the games when you scored 30! I always knew I wanted to be a college basketball coach. It is a tremendous honor to be at Cornell with its great reputation in both academics and athletics. My family and I have been embraced by the community. The trickiest part is figuring out the whole process of recruiting without scholarships."
  • On November 1 in Israel, Galil Gilboa defeated Ironi Ashkelon, 83-73. Jon Jaques ('10) played 5 minutes for Ashkelon and finished with 2 points and 2 rebounds.
  • Below, Ryan Wittman ('10) is interviewed by the media following his 26-point, 5 rebound, 5 assist weekend performance against Scafati.

Above, images published by the Italian media from Wittman's weekend performance.

Below, a behind the scenes look at Jeff Foote ('10) and Maccabi Tel Aviv entering the arena last week against Hapoel. Foote is on the inactive/injured reserve list and remains a potential "loan" target to other Europen teams.


Anonymous said...

The Google translation of the Ryan Wittman caption:

"Forli to win back-to-head against Scafati 26 Lorenzo Gordon and especially Ryan Wittman, who plays a great game, and drive away (for now) the ghosts of the cut."

Anonymous said...

With the second to last pick in the 2010 NBDL Draft, the New Mexico Thunderbirds select Alex Zampier, G, Yale

harry '59 said...

What are the reports from the Colgate scrimmage?