Friday, November 5, 2010

News and Notes: Evening Edition

Below, some early evening updates... Above, the late, Robert E. Gallagher '44, standing center court with the ball at Cornell's Newman Arena in 1995, honored for his endowment to Cornell Men's Basketball.

  • Brian Delaney of the Ithaca Journal fired out some updates on the team via Twitter after interviewing Bill Courtney. Here is Delaney's Twitter report: "Courtney on Wroblewski: 'Cautiously optimistic that we'll have him' for Albany. Preparing, though, as if 'we won't have him.' Some rapid-fire Cornell basketball updates: first, Scelfo will have surgery to repair his torn MCL over the holiday break. 3 guys who've made strongest impressions on coaching staff: 1, Wire; 2, Osgood; 3, Figini. Peck has had a 'very, very' good camp to this point. Still striving to be consistent, but getting better. On his best days, Peck is Cornell's best player. BC said, w/a chuckle: 'We just hope he's on his game all the time.' BC on Figini: '(He's) earned some minutes. How many? I don't know. But he's earned some minutes.' BC still toying with his starting five; obviously changes if Wroblewski can't go next weekend. But M-AA is backup PG. Ferry, Groebe have made great efforts to get better defensively. Groebe needs to rebound more, BC said. W/little returning game experience, BC expects trials/tribs in the non-Ivy sked; if team handles well, they'll challenge in Ivy. Passing remains a team-wide strength. Said BC: 'These guys are unbelievable passers.' Tarwater, Sahota fighting for rotation spot. BC on Sahota: 'He's been a real big-time surprise for us.'"
  • The Arena Pulse ranks teams in New England and notes, "Cornell has won the Ivy League three years in a row, however Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker may be close to a "changing of the guard". Jeremy Lin is a tough loss, but Harvard still has enough to win the league."


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