Thursday, December 30, 2010

Game! Of! The! Night!

Tonight's Cornell-Wofford game is the's Game of the Night.

Wofford vs. Cornell
Richmond, VA (Neutral Court)
5:00 EST

The last time we saw the invisible G!O!T!N! camera crew, they were wandering around the streets of Las Vegas, and a few of them had lost their pants in bad blackjack bets. Well, since they're all 1099-ers without benefits, they pretty much have to take every job we give them anyway... but they're not really in any position to say no now. Off to Richmond, Virginia, for the consolation game in VCU's holiday tournament.

And as we transition into 2011, it turns out that we have two teams with serious 2010 reputations in this game. Wofford came within a few possessions of scoring one for the SoCon this March in their close call with Wisconsin. This year, they're the odds-on favorite to go back for another chance. While a 5-7 record (and yesterday's nine-point loss against the home team) might indicate that this might be a tough road, the Terriers have really scheduled tough. Before the VCU game, every single one of their six losses had been to a Red Line opponent. And in parentheses, Mike Young's squad has beaten UNCG and Elon to put forth an early 2-0 league record. Noah Dahlman, the 6-foot-6 Wofford senior star, is averaging 18.6 ppg and shooting 53 percent, and the rest of the Southern Conference will probably end up feeling his wrath for the next two months.

Cornell is in this game thanks to a 68-66 loss at the hands of New Hampshire on Wednesday. It was the Big Red's eighth straight loss, ninth overall (against two wins). The Sweet Sixteen qualifiers from a year ago lost pretty much all their scoring over the summer off their magical sparklepony team of a year ago. Bill Courtney, an optimistic chap off the Virginia Tech bench, took over after Steve Donahue left for Boston College (an RLU victim last night, BTW). Holdover guard Chris Wrobleski, who missed the first few games after a couple of freak injuries in the offseason, is back now and is leading the team with 13.4 ppg -- but has been putting up 4-for-13's like last night, and is shooting 32 percent on the year. While Cornell won't go winless in the Ivy (and I hope that didn't just jinx them), it's time for some of the newer members to step up and start digging out a new foundation for future greatness.

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