Tuesday, December 21, 2010

VCU Christmas Tournament Up Next: Courtney Returns to Richmond

Cornell will attempt to snap its losing streak when it meets New Hampshire after the holiday break as part of the opening round of the 2010 Virginia Commonwealth University Christmas Tournament on Saturday, December 29 at 5 p.m. in Richmond, Va. On December 30, Cornell will face either VCU or Wofford in the consolation/final.

Cornell's Bill Courtney, the Robert E. Gallagher Head Coach of Men's Basketball was an assistant coach at VCU during the spring/summer of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

No question, a team must play great defense to win. Our effort and intelligence on defense and especially on key defensive possessions must get better.

However, there is also no question that a team must put the ball in the hoop to win.

In a guard-oriented Ivy League, the individual overall shooting percentages of Cornell's guards range from 18% to no higher than 37%. Yet, several of the guards are regarded as "pure shooters."

So, why are the shooting percentages so low across the board? That's what has to be figured out and we must all show patience and confidence that the staff will figure it out while continuing to support the players. These are all talented coaches who put tremendous time into this and care deeply.

To this point, we have focused on traditional offensive sets designed to shoot threes and perimeter shots. Would love to see more emphasis on spreading the floor to allow guard penetration for higher percentage shots and/or for kickouts to shoot threes in rhythm with less defensive pressure. We do have guys who can beat you off the dribble and create for themselves and others if proper spacing is maintained and we use good ball screens and dribble handoffs, especially against Ivy-League caliber defenders.

Finally, the coaches and the players need to put all frustration aside (which was clearly evident during the Bucknell game) and go play and have fun. If we do have a “logjam of good players” (interpreted to mean that as a team we do not have a huge disparity in talent from top to bottom), then focus on the 5-9 guys who will battle and make plays with confidence and toughness and just play 'em, regardless of who they are. We may not win 'em all, but let's make sure we lose while battling and competing with toughness and maybe even a little nastiness.