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Another Ivy League Season to Begin for the Big Red

Above, a 1999 Cornell-Columbia game program. With Cornell's return visit to Columbia on Saturday, the Big Red unofficially embarks on its 110th year of Ivy League basketball membership. While the present-day version of the Ivy League was formalized for men's basketball in the 1954-1955 season, the League has its origins in the Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League (EIBL) with the rivalries dating back to the 1901-1902 season.

Columbia captured an impressive 14 league titles between 1901-1951, but the Lions have only won 2 championships since.

Below the past champions of the Ivy League and the EIBL...

YearChampionCoachPlayer of the YearRookie of the YearDefensive Player of the Year
2009-10Cornell (13-1)Steve DonahueRyan Wittman, Cornell '10Kyle Casey, HarvardJeff Foote, Cornell
2008-09Cornell (11-3)Steve DonahueAlex Barnett, Dartmouth '09Chris Wroblewski, CornellJeff Foote, Cornell
2007-08Cornell (14-0)Steve DonahueLouis Dale, Cornell '10Tyler Bernardini, Penn
2006-07Penn (13-1)Glen MillerIbby Jaaber, Penn '07Ryan Wittman, Cornell
2005-06Penn (12-2)Fran DunphyIbby Jaaber, Penn '07Adam Gore, Cornell
2004-05Penn (13-1)Fran DunphyTim Begley, Penn '05Damon Huffman, Brown
2003-04Princeton (13-1)John Thompson IIIJason Forte, Brown '05Leon Pattman, Dartmouth
2002-03Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyUgonna Onyekwe, Penn '03Lenny Collins, Cornell
2001-02Penn (11-3)+, Yale (11-3), Princeton (11-3)Fran Dunphy, James Jones, John Thompson IIIUgonna Onyekwe, Penn '03Alex Gamboa, Yale
2000-01Princeton (11-3)John Thompson IIICraig Austin, Columbia '02Konrad Wysocki, Princeton
1999-00Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyMichael Jordan, Penn '00Ugonna Onyekwe, Penn
1998-99Penn (13-1)Fran DunphyBrian Earl, Princeton '99Chris Young, Princeton
1997-98Princeton (14-0)Bill CarmodySteve Goodrich, Princeton '98Dan Clemente, Harvard
1996-97Princeton (14-0)Bill CarmodySydney Johnson, Princeton '97Michael Jordan, Penn
1995-96Princeton (12-2)*, Penn (12-2)Pete Carril, Fran DunphyIra Bowman, Penn '96Tim Hill, Harvard
1994-95Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyMatt Maloney, Penn '95Gabe Hunterton, Yale
1993-94Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyJerome Allen, Penn '95Sea Lonergan, Dartmouth
1992-93Penn (14-0)Fran DunphyJerome Allen, Penn '95; Buck Jenkins, Columbia '93Pax Whitehead, Cornell
1991-92Princeton (12-2)Pete CarrilSean Jackson, Princeton '92Rick Hielscher, Princeton
1990-91Princeton (14-0)Pete CarrilKit Mueller, Princeton '91Will McAllister, Penn
1989-90Princeton (11-3)Pete CarrilKit Mueller, Princeton '91Carlos Williams, Brown
1988-89Princeton (11-3)Pete CarrilBob Scrabis, Princeton '89Ed Petersen, Yale
1987-88Cornell (11-3)Mike DementPaul Maley, Yale '88Ralph James, Harvard
1986-87Penn (10-4)Tom SchneiderPerry Bromwell, Penn '87Guido Casparis, Columbia
1985-86Brown (10-4)Mike CingiserJim Turner, Brown '86Jim Barton, Dartmouth
1984-85Penn (10-4)Craig LittlepageKen Bantum, Cornell '85Bryan Randall, Dartmouth
1983-84Princeton (10-4)Pete CarrilJoe Carrabino, Harvard '85John Bajusz, Cornell
1982-83Princeton (12-2)Pete CarrilCraig Robinson, Princeton '83Mike Waitkus, Brown
1981-82Penn (12-2)Bob WeinhauerPaul Little, Penn '83; Craig Robinson, Princeton '83Bob Ferry, Harvard
1980-81Princeton (13-1)*, Penn (13-1)Pete Carril, Bob WeinhauerLarry Lawrence, Dartmouth '80Joe Carrabino, Harvard
1979-80Penn (11-3)*, Princeton (11-3)Bob Weinhauer, Pete CarrilPeter Moss, Brown '80Steve Leondis, Yale; Paul Little, Penn
1978-79Penn (13-1)Bob WeinhauerTony Price, Penn '79Tim Daaleman, Yale
1977-78Penn (12-2)Bob WeinhauerKeven McDonald, Penn '78Mike Davis, Cornell
1976-77Princeton (13-1)Pete CarrilFrank Sowinski, Princeton '78Alton Byrd, Columbia; Bob Roma, Princeton
1975-76Princeton (14-0)Pete CarrilArmond Hill, Princeton '76Keven McDonald, Penn
1974-75Penn (13-1)Chuck DalyRon Haigler, Penn '75Larry Cubas, Dartmouth
1973-74Penn (13-1)Chuck Daly
Adam Sutton, Dartmouth
1972-73Penn (12-2)Chuck Daly
Ron Haigler, Penn
1971-72Penn (13-1)Chuck Daly
Bill Raynor, Dartmouth
1970-71Penn (14-0)Dick Harter
Brian Taylor, Princeton
1969-70Penn (14-0)Dick Harter

1968-69Princeton (14-0)Pete Carril

1967-68Columbia (12-2)*, Princeton (12-2)Jack Rohan, Butch van Breda Kolff

1966-67Princeton (13-1)Butch van Breda Kolff

1965-66Penn (12-2)Jack McCloskey

1964-65Princeton (13-1)Butch van Breda Kolff

1963-64Princeton (12-2)Butch van Breda Kolff

1962-63Princeton (11-3)*, Yalle (11-3)Butch van Breda Kolff, Joe Vancisin

1961-62Yale (13-1)Joe Vancisin

1960-61Princeton (11-3)Jake McCandless

1959-60Princeton (11-3)Cappy Cappon

1958-59Dartmouth (13-1)*, Princeton (13-1)Doggie Julian, Cappy Cappon

1957-58Dartmouth (11-3)Doggie Julian

1956-57Yale (12-2)Joe Vancisin

1955-56Dartmouth (10-4)Doggie Julian

1954-55Princeton (10-4)+, Columbia (10-4), Penn (10-4)Cappy Cappon, Lou Rossini, Ray Stanley

1953-54Cornell (11-3)*, Princeton (11-3)Royner Greene, Cappy Cappon

1952-53Penn (10-2)Howard Dallmar

1951-52Princeton (10-2)Cappy Cappon

1950-51Columbia (12-0)Lou Rossini

1949-50Princeton (11-1)Cappy Cappon

1948-49Yale (9-3)Howard Hobson

1947-48Columbia (11-1)Gordon Ridings

1946-47Columbia (11-1)Gordon Ridings

1945-46Dartmouth (7-1)Osborne Cowles

1944-45Penn (5-1)Donald Kellett

1943-44Dartmouth (8-0)Earl Brown

1942-43Dartmouth (11-1)Osborne Cowles

1941-42Dartmouth (10-2)*, Princeton (10-2)Osborne Cowles, Cappy Cappon

1940-41Dartmouth (10-2)Osborne Cowles

1939-40Dartmouth ( 11-1)Cappy Cappon

1938-39Dartmouth (10-2)Osborne Cowles

1937-38Dartmouth (8-4)Osborne Cowles

1936-37Penn (12-0)Lon Jourdet

1935-36Columbia (12-0)Paul Mooney

1934-35Penn (10-2)*, Columbia (10-2)Lon Jourdet, Paul Mooney

1933-34Penn (10-2)Lon Jourdet

1932-33Yale (9-2)Elmer Ripley

1931-32Princeton (8-2)*, Columbia (8-2)Albert Wittmer, Dan Meehan

1930-31Columbia (10-0)Dan Meehan

1929-30Columbia (9-1)Dan Meehan

1928-29Penn (8-2)Edward McNichol

1927-28Penn (7-3)*, Princeton (7-3)Edward McNichol, Albert Wittmer

1926-27Dartmouth (7-3)*, Princeton (7-3)Leonard Wachter, Albert Wittmer

1925-26Columbia (9-1)Dan Meehan

1924-25Princeton (9-1)Albert Wittmer

1923-24Cornell (8-2)Howard Ortner

1922-23Yale (9-3)J.J. Fogarty

1921-22Princeton (8-2)*, Penn (8-2)J. Hill Zahn, Edward McNichol

1920-21Penn (9-1)Edward McNichol

1919-20Penn (10-0)Lon Jourdet

1918-19Penn (7-1)Lon Jourdet

1917-18Penn (9-1)Lon Jourdet

1916-17Yale (9-1)Bernie Tommers

1915-16Penn (8-2)*, Princeton (8-2)Lon Jourdet, Frederick Leuhring

1914-15Yale (8-2)Robert Stowe

1913-14Columbia (8-2), Cornell (8-2)Harry Fisher, Albert Sharpe

1912-13Cornell (7-1)Albert Sharpe

1911-12Columbia (8-2)Harry Fisher

1910-11Columbia (7-1)Harry Fisher

1909-10no league play

1908-09no league play

1907-08Penn (8-0)Charles Keinath

1906-07Yale (9-1)William Lush

1905-06Penn (9-1)R.B. Smith

1904-05Columbia (8-0)none

1903-04Columbia (10-0)none

1902-03Yale (7-1)none

1901-02Yale (5-3)none

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