Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily Pennsylvanian Questions Cornell's Wins

From Calder Silcox's review of the Ivy League in the Daily Pennsylvanian:

Cornell fans return to caring about hockey. There’s only one word that can describe the three-peat Ivy champion Big Red basketball’s fall from grace. Tiger Woods-ian.

Yes, the Escalade most definitely crashed into a tree as the Big Red (4-10) suffered an eight-game skid to close out the 2010 calendar year.

Their four wins have come from Delaware, Albany (who?), Wofford (who?) and Stony Brook (who?).

Unfortunately for Cornell, it’s Yale that’s No. 1 in the national hockey rankings.


The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Silcox's column doesn't mention that Penn (5-7) owns wins over UMBC (1-15), Lafayette (6-11), Davidson (8-8), Army (9-8) and the same Delaware (7-8) team that Cornell beat. The Quakers also have losses to Marist (2-14) and Manhattan (4-13) and boast a strength of schedule ranking of 143 (Cornell's is 133).

Anonymous said...

The three-peat championship run was the result of a perfect storm: a good coach who always had terrific potential finally growing into that potential; two guys who were lightly recruited coming out of high school who developed by leaps and bounds in college; and, finally, a transfer student who found out about Cornell through a hospital nurse and then transformed his body and his game once he arrived in Ithaca.

With Donahue gone, there's really no reason to believe that lightning would strike again -- ever -- let alone a fourth year in a row.

With Harvard now opening up the admissions door wide open for marginal student-athletes, Princeton back on track to returning to pre-Joe Scott competitiveness and Penn unlikely to stay downtrodden for too long, Cornell will return back to the pack.

There is no reason to think that Cornell will be worse than the pack year in and year out, which might very well be the case this season, but very little reason to think that Cornell will be better than the pack either.

Anonymous said...

The only things dumber then Penn's men basketball team and their fans, are writers from the Daily Penn who write about the team.

Now the only thing dumber than those folks are the folks from the Daily Penn who write about other teams in the league.

If we're keeping track here...Penn basketball sucks.

Anonymous said...

Penn does have Robby Belcore aka "the machine", so watch out.

Everyone knows that they go to the "dance" every year. Just need to define what "dance" means to them.

One finds it interesting that the oatmeal eaters would get into any Hockey debate - it's a surprise that they know how to spell Hockey. The word should not even be permitted in the DP rag.

Back to hoops,

When is the last time that they won a Big Five game? Seriously, five years?

The Big Five needs to be the Big Four and One.

Penn is a weak sister at best. Maybe they can find four other high schools in Philly and become a part of the Little Five.

Anonymous said...

Thought of the day for Belcore and Howlett aka the "Jeff Foote Slammas:"

What will be higher at the end of the year? GPA or PPG for each?

Heck, throw in rpg as well to make it a race.

Anonymous said...

Really, our answer is strength of schedule? We hate Penn. Now Penn has reason to hate us. And our team gave them a window to bash us by losing a lot of games, even if the games were close, etc. We need to win games now in January and February, and I am very fired up as usual, and this does not and should not affect how fired up we are for the games with Penn. Penn sucks. But first, we need to make sure we take care of our travel partner.

Anonymous said...

Cornell will crush Penn this year. Get a life Quakers, your program is an embarrassment.

jacob said...

Cornell and Penn actually have very comparable resumes this year. Cornell's best win is over KenPom #141 Wofford; Penn's best is over KenPom #140 Davidson. In both cases, the rest of the wins are over sub-200 teams (Delaware at #200 being the next best for both).

Penn (#207) and Cornell (#212) are a whopping 5 spots apart.

Simply put, both have a ceiling of but will more likely finish 4th-6th as Yale is the odds on favorite for 3rd.

Anonymous said...

You have to fully understand the instinctively obnoxious, forever-frustrated, Philadelphia-elitist wannabe sports mind before you can fully understand comments made by almost any Penn basketball fan or any university-affiliated writer. And, as a player, when all that you have left to gloat about (with some sort of demented pride) is a cheap shot "body slam" of a certified self-made winner at Cornell - well that sort of says it all.

Anonymous said...

uhh.... most penn students arent from philadelphia though

Anonymous said...

The only good things to come out of UPenn are Dee and Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny.

Anonymous said...


I am a Penn fan, but i readily admit my level of frustration with this program.

Penn has been a laggard of late beyond your Cornell, Harv + Princeton.

What is just as annoying and frustrating, is the blind devotion to Allen. Although a beloved son of the program, he does at times seem overmatched when it comes to game coaching, preparation, and execution.

There have been some improvements in the recruiting and the on-court performance, but there are too many questions.

I am one of many who think Allen is clearly in over his head at this juncture in his career.