Monday, January 3, 2011

Game Preview Center: Cornell vs. Buffalo (1/3/11) and Stony Brook (1/8/11)

Above, images of Cornell's meetings in Newman Arena with Buffalo (left, November 17, 1998) and Stony Brook (right, November 13, 2006). The Big Red renews these rivalries this week. Get all the information you need about Cornell's upcoming games against Buffalo (1/3/11) and Stony Brook (1/8/11) right here with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. As the games approach, we will be adding relevant links to this space. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming games by either leaving a comment to this post, sending us an email (, or posting a message on The Cornell Basketball Blog's Community Forum (click here). GO BIG RED!


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Anonymous said...

We should definitely practice FTs and try to somehow make Coury and Aro more consistent, but I also think Courtney needs to find a way to get his players 100% mentally into whatever game they are presently playing. I read the IJ article post-Buffalo and had to groan at the rah-rah "no more excuses" talk. Even the most deluded optimist could not rationalize being competitive in the Ivy at this point. Yet is is obvious that, if they would just play consistently at their full potential, the guys are perfectly capable of winning the game at hand. But because a successful Ivy season is difficult to believe in no matter how much you rationalize it, it is difficult to be 100% in the present game.

I noticed this while watching Wofford. First I just thought I'd be slapping my forehead the whole time at how badly the underclassmen Courtney chose to start would be playing, but instead I was just totally into the game for the first time since somewhere in the 2nd half at Bucknell when our regulars just seemed to mentally check out. I realized it was because these sophs and frosh, grateful for merely having some PT, were playing with 100% of their focus and energy, even though they were playing badly, and as a fan I just got really into it despite myself. The energy carried over even when the regulars finally came on.

Courtney needs to find a way to get that kinda 100% engagement, energy, and focus happening for just one game at a time. Still trying to talk about competing won't work anymore cos you'll know deep down you can't really believe it anymore.