Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News and Notes: Afternoon Edition

  • Above, an open letter from the Robert E. Gallagher Head Coach of Cornell Men's Basketball, Bill Courtney to the Cornell Greek System.

I apologize if the following activates some gag reflexes, but my Columbia Lions (remember, no championships since ’68) got one of their biggest Ivy League wins in forty years this past Saturday when they knocked-off three-time defending champs Cornell 79-75 in New York City. Looking the better squad from the tip, the Lions (10-5, 1-0) never trailed after the nine minute mark of the first half, and withstood an awe-inspiring three point drilling spree from Andrew Ferry, who nailed seven treys en route to 23 total points. Columbia head coach Kyle Smith rose to the occasion in his first Ancient Eight contest, finally defeating the Big Red (4-11, 0-1) after a nine-game drought for his program, and insisting afterwards that his team be considered with the league’s elite this season. At any other time in the last four years, I would have called that crazy talk, but today I have to agree with him.

Homerism aside, Cornell was actually more impressive this weekend than many thought they would be after losing stars Ryan Wittman, Louis Dale, and Jeff Foote as well as head coach Steve Donohue. Plagued by an 0 for 11 start from the field from star point guard Chris Wroblewski and an inexperienced bench, the Big Red sill fought back from a 13 point halftime deficit to bring the game to within one possession in the final minutes. Particularly scary was G/F Erick Peck, who is too big to be defended by guards and too quick to be covered by forwards. He and 6’8’’ Brown small forward Tucker Halpern could well be two of the biggest match-up problems in the league this year.

...James Jones’ [Yale] Bulldogs (8-7, 1-0) truly are the least appreciated program in the Ivies, and few of his own fans are even aware of his impressive 84-71 career record in a league dominated by Princeton, Penn, and most recently, Cornell.


Anonymous said...

Good thinking Coach, since a lot of people dont get back till Sunday definitely need some extra support there, hopefully the student support wont drop off

I hope I'm proved wrong said...

Are you kidding me, Cornell students suck when it comes to basketball - they are the definition of bandwagon fans.

Anyone reading this don't be offended, because obviously I'm not talking about you.

I'm talking about the people that are more interested in chanting "we want wings." I'm talking about the people who asked if we were playing UNC when the Columbia team comes out in the same blue color as UNC. I'm talking about the people that only walk over from hockey at intermissions. Even when we were winning it was still hard to get people to routinely pack the stands.

Good thing we have a loyal townie fan base who I think show pretty strong support.

Will the student support drop off? Yes, and drastically.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Coach C: only one typeface, only one point size.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The comment about the students is pretty much true across the league. The Ivy student fans won't come when the team does not win. Cornell hockey is really the only Ivy sport that draws the fans regards of the winning percentage.

Anonymous said...

I recall a road game at Brown where the size of the crowd doubled (from like 200 to 400) in the 2nd half once the lobster feed let out in an adjacent building.

Not to mention people running laps above the court at Brown and next to the court at Princeton.

Penn seems to draw well for hoops - they used to host Philly high school games before the Penn game to draw more people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah unfortunately you are right about the bandwagon fans, there were tons of students there for that first game just to get a free t-shirt then no on showed up for the Bonnies game, but no harm in Coach trying to get some support out there

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with you on the fans, really have to call out the freshman. You would think after last year that the incoming freshman despite all we lost would have some interest in this team, instead attendance for the Bonnies game was incredibly weak with many students arriving late.