Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Osgood to Ivy Honor Roll

Cornell's Aaron Osgood was named to the Ivy League's weekly honor roll. The Ivy League Office notes:
Aaron Osgood, Cornell, Senior, Forward/Center (Sammamish, Wash.)
16 pts., 6 rebs. vs. Columbia


November 15-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
November 22-Christian Webster, Harvard, So./Austin Morgan, Yale, So.
November 29-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
December 6-Ian Hummer, Princeton, So.
December 13-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 20-Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 27-Zach Rosen, Penn, Jr.
January 3-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Jr.
January 10-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Greg Mangano, Yale, Jr.
January 17-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Greg Mangan0, Yale, Jr.
January 24-Greg Mangan0, Yale, Jr.

November 15-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
November 22-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
November 29-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
December 6-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
December 13-Steve Frankoski, Columbia, Fr.
December 20-Gediminias Bertasius, Dartmouth, Fr.
December 27-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
January 3-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
January 10-Dockery Walker, Brown, Fr.
January 17-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
January 24-Jeremiah Kreisberg, Yale, Fr.

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Anonymous said...

We have got to have cycled the most guys through the honor roll. Without winning. By my count four guys have gone through twice and one guy once. There are weeks when Wire and Groebe had great weeks too, demonstrating their capabilities. IMHO further evidence that we have a swath of talent and that our problems lie in other areas, in consistency, in coaching, etc.