Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recruiting News: Princeton and Columbia Add Commits

In this post, some recruiting updates from around the Ivy League.

For a list of recruits committed to attending Ivy League schools, including detailed profiles of the committed Cornell recruits, and a listing of Cornell's prospective recruiting targets, click here. For a separate general list of Ivy League prospective recruiting targets, click here. Please note that we update these lists regularly.

Class of 2012 Recruiting News

According to multiple sources, Columbia picked up a commitment this week from Brad Gilson (Woodgrove HS), Purcelleville, VA, 6-5, F. Columbia was Gilson's lone Divison I offer, although he fielded some interest from Colgate.

Live Academic Recruit reports that Dartmouth offered Brandon McDonnell (Jackson HS) Jackson, NJ, 6-6, F.

Rivals.com indicates that Jalen Ward (O'Dea HS) Seattle, WA, 5-11, G is hearing from Columbia, Boise State and UCSB.

Scout.com notes that John Hudson (Dyer County HS) Newbern, TN, 6-4, G, is hearing from Dartmouth, Princeton, Samford and E. Tennessee State.

Bryce Leavitt (Kennewick HS) Kennewick, WA, 6-4, G is hearing from Columbia, Portland State, Eastern Washington and Idaho State according to WAPreps.com.

Class of 2013 Recruiting News

Semi Ojeleye (Ottawa HS) Ottawa, KS, 6-5, F, is hearing from Harvard, Kansas State, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Reggie Dillard (Greensboro Day School) Greensboro, NC, 6-2, G, has offers from Penn, VCU and UNC Greensboro per Recruit Scoop.

Multiple sources confirmed the commitment of Steven Cook (New Trier HS) Winneteka, IL, 6-4, G to Princeton. The wing reportedly also held an offer to Lafayette and is the second class of 2013 commit in the Ivy League.

Miles Overton (St. Joseph's Prep) Philadelphia, PA, 6-3, G, son of former LaSalle and NBA player, Doug Overton, has offers from Penn, Temple, LaSalle and St. Joseph's (PA) according to ESPN.

Recruit Scoop reports that Princeton is "in the best shape" to land Montana Mayfield (Abington Friends School) Abington, PA, 6-0, G.

According to sources, Michael Owona (John Carroll HS), Bel Air, MD, 6-8, F, is hearing from Bucknell, Lehigh and Penn.

Shane Rector (St. Raymond's HS) Bronx, NY, 6-1, G has an offer from Columbia per NYCHoopsNet.

According to multiple sources, Cornell, Boston College and Florida State recently offered R.J. Curington (Oak Hill Academy) Mouth of Wilson, VA, 6-5, G.

Fergus Duke (Hun School) Princeton, NJ, 6-2, G, lists Davidson, Princeton, Yale, Coastal Carolina, Florida Atlantic, Duquesne, Lafayette and Harvard according to several recruiting services.

Grant MacKay (Hun School) Princeton, NJ, 6-7, F, is hearing from Colgate, Davidson, Harvard, Lafayette & Yale.

Class of 2014 Recruiting News

Anthony Pate (Long Island Lutheran) Uniondale, NY, 6-3, G has an early list of Florida, Kentucky, Yale, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Marquette and Lafayette.


Anonymous said...

Currington would be a nice pickup...

Anonymous said...

If the recruiting season were to end today, who has the best overall class?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I am going to take some attacks for saying this, but I'd say Cornell has the top class, followed by Penn then Harvard.

Let me preface this statement by saying the following:

(1) This is not a knock on Penn or Harvard. Both did very, very well thus far in recruiting and could add other key pieces. The other Ivies added some nice pieces as well, but Cornell, Penn and Harvard are on another level.

(2) I haven't ranked Cornell as the top class since launching this Blog 5 years ago. So, let's refrain from the allegations of homerism.

Cornell's class consists of two big men that can help immediately.

Typically Ivy big men as freshmen do not have both factors of size and skill. Usually it is one or the other.

Bunce and Harmon have both. We are talking 6'11" 265 and 6'9" 245 respectively. They are also very skilled-- both excellent passers, good hands, and capable scorers in the paint (while Harmon can also shoot from the perimeter). Yet neither will be asked to carry much offense right away.

Like some of the freshmen this year in the league, both of these recruits are expected to be immediate impact types, meaning they will find themselves in the rotation.

More critically for Cornell they fill needs for the Big Red. Both can rebound and Bunce's size will force opponents to play Cornell differently on both ends.

Cornell is going to block and alter a lot of shots next year between Shonn Miller and Braxston Bunce and could quickly become the league's best defensive team.

Nolan Cressler, the guard in the group could also find some minutes simply because of his scoring ability.

Anonymous said...

Based on the quality of the first class Courtney brought on, I am more willing to believe the second class might be incredible as well. Of course there is still no reassurance he can coach them to winning if he can't coach already good players into being consistent ... all our non-freshmen are languishing.

Anonymous said...

At first, when I saw R.J. Curington had his own website I was a little turned off. But after actually looking at it, I find it pretty endearing.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12: Your comment w/r/t Coach Courtney is misguided. Aside from Wrobo and Ferry, the upperclassmen ranks are filled with a number of projects (figini, eitan) and role players (Gray, etc) who are very good complementary players but wouldn't be starting on to top tier Ivy teams. This team is incredibly undersized and has beaten the former Ivy champ and taken much bigger and more talented teams to the wire. If anything, the fact that this team is where it is speaks highly of Courtney's coaching abilities. We can only hope he keeps landing high level recruits, because this team in 3 years could be a force.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12 AM,

Your so right on! BC is very good recruiter but he has shown an inability to coach.

If we look at the games this year, there is not a single team we beat that we should not have won against.

Good coaching is the able to take decent talent and win against good teams. So far we don't have that.

Please don't argue Princeton as a game we should not have won. This game was awful on both sides Cornells and Princetons. Both teams should have lost.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

When Donahue left, Cornell fans all hoped there was championship level talent left in the program.

We've had two years to evaluate those returning players against all levels of competition and teams from different leagues.

The end analysis is that this team was left behind with not much left in the tank.

There are lots of guys with potential, or who have shown brief flashes, but not many proven stars.

This team is rebuilding and needs to continue to rebuild. The program needs to continue to recruit and the players must continue to listen to their coaches and trust in their teammates.

It took Steve Donahue 7 years to build a champion. When he left, he took 8 seniors with him.

Tommy Amaker is in his 5th year.

Bill Courtney is just in year 1.5 ...and he's done a terrific job with his first recruiting class. When he has 3-4 of them in place, this team could be back at the top.

q'nis said...

I agree with CBB. Judging Courtney on such a small sample size is ludicrous. His teams play hard and never quit. That is more than can be said for some coaches.

I can't even imagine what people would be saying about Donahue in 03-04, 04-05, etc if the blog was around. Donahue didn't win until Dale and Foote literally fell into his lap. Dale recruited himself to Cornell and Foote was found through an unfortunate connection with Khaliq Gant's nurse. Courtney has shown the ability to go out and find guys and certainly can motivate. Wins will come. Miller, Cancer and Cherry are pretty awesome for Frosh.

Unknown said...

I've been the first to criticize Courtney in the past because his coaching approach doesn't fit the current talent. On the other hand his tactic has been to change the talent, not his coaching approach. Given the success of the freshman, and their athleticism and fit in his system, I have to admit things are looking up. So, I feel a little sorry for the upperclassmen on the roster who are about to get the blow-by and spend their remaining days on the bench, but that unfortunately happens when coaching staffs change. In fact it happened to me in the Miller years long ago.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Bill Courtney plays the players that DESERVE to play. If a veteran sits, he is sitting because someone younger is better.

Anonymous said...

There's been a small sample size, but I kinda agree that the team has been a little worse than it needs to be.

The freshmen can't realistically be expected to be consistent and they're already doing an incredible job. Dwight, Eitan, and Josh are basically new.

But the inconsistency seems to be across the board, from the inexperienced players to the experienced ones. Several people on the team who got playing time last season, guys like Ski, Johnny, & Max, are producing far less than they used to, which is tougher to explain.

Anonymous said...

CBB, nobody expects you or the author of any similar blog to refrain from homerism. After all, this is called the CORNELL Basketball Blog. Readers know what they're getting with any blog dedicated to one team.

But for you to say that readers should "refrain from allegations of homerism" is, frankly, ludicrous. You are possibly the greatest homer in the history of sports reporting. Your blind allegiance to all things Big Red is both endearing and, frankly, funny.

But, seriously, that's okay. You do a great service to all Cornell fans and others interested in Ivy basketball. Your reporting of the facts is absolutely first rate. Keep up your fine work. But don't stretch credulity by claiming that you don't view everything with red-tinted glasses.

The fact that you didn't rank Cornell's recent classes as the best in the Ivies merely serves to highlight how much superior Harvard's haul really was, not that you were somehow objective.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Actually, Harvard's sophomore class wasn't great in hindsight.

Laurent Rivard is very good, but what have seen from the rest of that class?

Anonymous said...

For all the hype, are anyone of Harvard's recent classes really outperforming their counterparts at other schools? And where is this Kenyatta Smith that someone kept hyping in these comments?

Regarding Courtney, I'll just say that other Ivy teams have newish coaches and inconsistent frosh as well. Some like Penn also have inconsistent frontcourts. Games like Cornell-Penn, IMHO, came down to Penn's seniors having been more reliable & consistent this season than Cornell's.

Michael James said...

Harvard's '09 class has proven itself as the best from that year. That's really the only clear one.

Harvard's '08 class probably edges all others in terms of cumulative production, but Yale's is certainly close and Zack Rosen is enough to make Penn's pretty awesome.

The current sophomore class has been terrible across the board. Hard to point out any winners there yet. (Mostly losers - this league could be in trouble in 2013-14). Rivard, Kreisberg, Cartwright, McGonagill, Lyles and Bray can all play, but those are the only six guys with more than five points produced per game and they're all on different teams.

It's way too early to tell on the freshmen, because you have to see what can happen when they all get to play. Right now, Dartmouth would have the best class, but that's primarily because those guys have seen the floor most and haven't been terrible. Cornell, Columbia and Harvard have gotten meaningful production out of their frosh.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

I think there are way too many games left to talk about the freshmen.

For example, in Cornell's case, Dave Lamore and Devin Cherry are just beginning to get into the rotation after fall semester injuries. Just too early to talk about them with 12 games still to go.

Harvard's '09 class is absolutely the best class of all years across the league.