Monday, January 10, 2011

Wroblewski Honored

Cornell's Chris Wroblewski was named to the Ivy League's weekly honor roll. The Ivy League Office notes:
Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Junior, Guard
22.5 ppg, 5.0 apg
29 pts., 4 asts. vs. Stony Brook


November 15-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
November 22-Christian Webster, Harvard, So./Austin Morgan, Yale, So.
November 29-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
December 6-Ian Hummer, Princeton, So.
December 13-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 20-Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 27-Zach Rosen, Penn, Jr.
January 3-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Jr.
January 10-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Greg Mangano, Yale, Jr.

November 15-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
November 22-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
November 29-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
December 6-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
December 13-Steve Frankoski, Columbia, Fr.
December 20-Gediminias Bertasius, Dartmouth, Fr.
December 27-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
January 3-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
January 10-Dockery Walker, Brown, Fr.


Anonymous said...

Umm... really?

Forget the obvious headscratchers: most of these guys played DIII schools while other guys posted similar stats against two DI foes. But did you guys take a look at the honor roll list? Bernardini, Wroblewski, and Wright make sense. But Sullivan for 11 pts 5 rebs against American and 14 pts 6 rebs against a DIII school? And Ian Hummer for 11 pts 7 rebs against Marist?? Last week they didn't even give Ferry an honor roll mention for 25 pts against Wofford. A few weeks ago, they kept the honor roll to only 3 guys rather than just digging for people to give it to.

I think someone might have prepared this week's honors while under the influence of alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I think, and the blog will probably correct, but each team gets one honor roll member.

Anonymous said...

How much time do you really think that the league office spends compiling the weekly honor roll? How much time do you think they SHOULD spend? It's probably some intern who spends five minutes skimming the stats, trying to find at least one semi-worthy player from each team. These are not Nobel Prize nominations.

Take it easy, Francis.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon 10:29 you're so wise and laid back.

I don't think it's one person per school (there's no Dartmouth). It's also obviously not one guy per school (multiple Harvard guys each week), despite Peck/Ferry being left off last week. These awards are a respectful nod towards hardworking players and ROWs and POWs are appended to their profiles and referenced by media. While the office should not make them a joke, players should definitely shake off or laugh about snubs and focus on the game, which I'm sure they're doing.

Zack Rosen (verified) said...

All that matters is that I get Player of Year honors.

Anonymous said...

You should have said yes to Amaker in the grocery store instead of buying Glen Miller's rap.
Belcore will get POY - just ask him. Everyone knows that Penn goes to the tourney every year.....

Rob Belcore (Verified) said... have been taking what I said out of context for the past 4 years. It's just that in March I like to go dancing in the park because, you know, spring is here, and it gets warmer, and well, I just love to dance. What a faux pas on my part to forget that that's when the NCAA tournament is too. I just thought that everyone had madness for dancing in the park in March, ala March Madness. Oh well!

And, before I leave let me just give a shout out to my boy Zach Rosen! Without Zach "Glows in the Dark" Rosen, we'd be nowhere...well, I guess we'd be where we're at.

Oooooh, I think I'm getting the urge to Tango, later Cornell.