Friday, February 18, 2011

Afternoon News and Notes

Get all the information you need about Cornell's games this weekend in Newman Arena vs. Harvard tonight and Dartmouth on Saturday with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. Both games tip off at 7 pm.
Below, some afternoon news and notes...

  • Tonight's senior profile on WVBR with Barry Leonard is none other than Mark Coury.
  • Jon Jaques ('10) advocates for the Ivy League to join ESPN's bracket busters series. He writes for SlamOnline:
    Just as Cornell could’ve been included in this event last season, both Harvard and Princeton deserve the opportunity to play a Utah State, Saint Mary’s or Wichita State on Saturday. The Ivy League’s hoops revival of the past couple seasons is regrettably going unrewarded...I am and always will be an Ivy League dork, but this is not a case of Ancient Eight homerism (if you don’t buy it, I’d be glad to write separate, equally detailed posts listing the hundreds of reasons why I can’t stand Harvard and Princeton). The fact is, the league, as it is currently set up, physically can’t participate. According to Ivy League Associate Director of Communications Scottie Rodgers, the league must exclude itself from ESPN’s BracketBuster event because with the current structure of scheduling (begins in mid-January, games on Fridays-Saturdays thereafter) combined with a limited number of weekends to complete 14 games, “there is not enough time to have this weekend off from Ivy play and complete the league schedule in the same time.” There are complicated parameters the Ivy League bases its schedule on “that makes it difficult to make all the adjustments that would have to happen to make this weekend free.” ...Princeton and Harvard, despite what some may say, do not belong in the bubble conversation. Princeton is peaking right now, but a loss to Presbyterian in the fifth game of the season stopped any at-large conversation before it started. And Harvard has put together a solid, but hardly NCAA-worthy resume. But for argument’s sake, let’s put these two teams in a BracketBuster game. Princeton adds an at-large win over Saint Mary’s, Harvard defeats Old Dominion, and, just for kicks, last year’s Cornell team retroactively knocks off Butler (I probably would’ve given my left thumb to face the national runner-ups last February).

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