Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Game Preview Center: Harvard (2/18/11) and Dartmouth (2/19/11) at Cornell

A basketball tradition since the early 1900s, Cornell against Harvard and Dartmouth:
THE CORNELL VS. HARVARD SERIES: Cornell leads the series 90-69, dating back to the first meeting between the teams in the 1901-02 season.

THE CORNELL VS. DARTMOUTH SERIES: Dartmouth leads 102-99 overall in a series that dates back to the 1900-01 campaign.
Get all the information you need about Cornell's games this weekend in Newman Arena vs. Harvard and Dartmouth right here with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. As the games approach, we will be adding relevant links to this space. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming games by either leaving a comment to this post, sending us an email (CornellBigRedFan@gmail.com), or posting a message on The Cornell Basketball Blog's Community Forum (click here). GO BIG RED!

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Anonymous said...

Harvard Contabs???

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It is "Cantabs" and it is a reference to people who live in Cambridge, England or attend Cambridge University.

At some point in the mid 1900s, Harvard students began to refer to themselves as Cantabs.

Anonymous said...

"Cantab" is short for "Cantabridgian," or native of Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Tommy Amaker has his own website, independent of the official Harvard athletics sites, presumably to aid in recruiting. Do any of the other seven Ivy coaches have their own website, away from University sites?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

It is a recruiting device and Tommy is the only one that has one. He is also the only coach with his initials on his turtlenecks.

Anonymous said...

Initials on shirts, how uncouth! I'd venture to say he's not the only Harvard teacher with such articles of clothing.