Saturday, February 19, 2011

It is on! Big Red vs. Big Green

Get all the information you need about Cornell's game tonight vs. Dartmouth with The Cornell Basketball Blog's Game Preview Center. Tip off is at 7 pm. Pregame show begins at 6:30.


Anonymous said...

Blogmaster, please print this because it should be taken in a positive way.

In any competition, it really does not matter who shakes your hand, who chooses to stay on the court during an awards ceremony, or how the refs call a game.

What matters is how you react to it. Tweeting or commenting or moaning about it accomplishes nothing positive. In fact, it just shows that someone or something was able to get into your head to make you comment or react.

If I were on the other side, I'd keep up the annoyance just to see if it gets into someone's head more. Life is not fair, and the more that you expect it to be fair, the less you will accomplish.

Use it as motivation. You can't ever control what others do - you can only control how you react to others, and you can control making your game or yourself mentally tougher. Don't give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that they got or get into your head.

One last thing: Always assume that a ref never blows a call. I know that there is no way that this is possible; however, if one has that mindset, mentally, things can improve. Let coaches and the media try to "work" calls.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree, if the Harvard guy didnt shake someone's hand that is bad enough but Osgood didnt make it any better by tweeting it, call the guy out at that moment instead of hiding behind twitter, Harvard guy wouldnt have known what to say

Anonymous said...

How is saying something on twitter "hiding" behind it? He didn't post something anonymously to a blog or something.

And when refereeing is so horrible that you cannot adjust your play to adapt to the game that is being called, it's very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Because why is it necessary to make it public, if it matters that much to you, call the guy out at that moment to his face

Anonymous said...

Shaking hands before or after the game is stupid, phony and forced sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is based on how you conduct yourself during the game, not some phony forced handshake. Nothing is more phony than being forced to line up and shake the hand of someone who acted unsportsmanlike during the game. If you choose to shake your opponents hand, that's up to you. But I disagree that Div 1 college players should be forced to line up and shake hands like they just played a 2nd grader game at the YMCA.