Monday, February 28, 2011

Ivy Awards: Coury on Honor Roll

Cornell's Mark Coury was named to the Ivy League's weekly honor roll. The Ivy League Office notes:
Mark Coury, Cornell, Senior, Center (West Bloomfield, Mich.)
13.0 ppg, 2.5 rpg, 2.0 bpg
13 pts., 3 rebs., 2 blks. at Penn


November 15-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
November 22-Christian Webster, Harvard, So./Austin Morgan, Yale, So.
November 29-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr.
December 6-Ian Hummer, Princeton, So.
December 13-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 20-Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.
December 27-Zach Rosen, Penn, Jr.
January 3-Chris Wroblewski, Cornell, Jr.
January 10-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Greg Mangano, Yale, Jr.
January 17-Noruwa Agho, Columbia, Jr./Greg Mangan0, Yale, Jr.
January 24-Greg Mangan0, Yale, Jr.
January 31-Jack Eggleston,Penn, Sr./Kyle Case, Harvard, So.
February 7-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
February 14-Keith Wright, Harvard, Jr./Greg Mangano, Yale, Jr.
February 21-Tyler Bernardini, Penn, Jr./Peter Sullivan, Brown, Sr.
February 28-Kareem Maddox, Princeton, Sr.

November 15-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
November 22-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
November 29-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
December 6-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
December 13-Steve Frankoski, Columbia, Fr.
December 20-Gediminias Bertasius, Dartmouth, Fr.
December 27-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
January 3-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
January 10-Dockery Walker, Brown, Fr.
January 17-Laurent Rivard, Harvard, Fr.
January 24-Jeremiah Kreisberg, Yale, Fr.
January 31-Miles Cartwright, Penn, Fr.
February 7-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
February 14-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
February 21-Sean McGonagil, Brown, Fr.
February 28-Jeremiah Kreisberg, Yale, Fr.


Anonymous said...

Mangano doubles-doubles every week, and he does not get enough love.

Maddox oooozes POY given their run....

Nice to see that they listened to Mr. D and went with one POW for a nice change.

Anonymous said...

Check the stats. Greg Mangano is averaging 16pts, 10rebs, and 3 blocks per game. This is one of the most consistent and dominating performances by an Ivy Big in years. There aren't more than a dozen or so guys in D-1 who have outdone him. The emergence of frosh Kreisberg seems, if anything, to have helped him.

And, the 'Dogs knocked off Harvard.

Ooozing at Princeton or not, it is going to be very hard to understand if Mangano does not get 2011 Ivy POY.

We get to see him at Newman Saturday night. That should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Check out Mangano's touch from the outside - he has a very smooth touch from the outside for someone his size.

IMO, this Yale team has underachieved despite the nice win at Harvard.

Well coached, terrific inside outside presence with depth....

They are well worth the price of admission....

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:44:
IMO, Yale has overachieved this year.

At the start of the year, particularly with the surprise loss of Michael Sands and the prior graduation of leading scorer Alex Zampier and an unheralded crop of replacements, they looked to finish just ahead of Dartmouth. Their top-scoring returnee averaged 6.5PPG last year!

With a split (uh... W in NYC) this weekend, the 'Dogs will finish at the top of the five-pack in the middle of the Ivy league. It would be another great job by Coach Jones, his eleventh straight upper division finish in the league. That is the longest streak in League history by a team whose school name does not begin with "P."

Anonymous said...


Yale is a team that handled BC on the road, like Harvard, and led at the half against a young Stanford team.

They have above average guards, the dominant post player in the league, decent depth, and an experienced coach.

They showed that they are capable against Harvard - they should be in the mix. With Sands, it would have been a no-brainer.

Yale can, and should, have done more this year. They will challenge Harvard next year - compared to Mangano, Wright is soft and overrated.

Coury will end his career with a very tough assignment Saturday night, and I am sure that he would not want it to be any other way......should be a great game. Let's get Brown first.