Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recruiting News

In Ivy League recruiting news, we have been able to confirm with a source close to the situation that Dartmouth has added another recruit to its class. The Big Green have a verbal commitment from Kirill Savolainen (Lynchburg Episcopal) Lynchburg, VA, 6-5, F.

Below, a look at the recruiting classes to date for the Ivy League's incoming classes in 2011-2012:



  • Nenad Tomic F 6-7 North Royalton OH HS
  • Dave LaMore C 6-10 Whitmore Lake MI Dexter HS
  • Deion Giddens C 6-9 Surprise AZ Willow Canyon HS
  • Shonn Miller G/F 6-6 Cleveland OH St. Ignatius HS
  • Galal Cancer G 6-2 Albany NY Christian Brothers HS
  • Devin Cherry G 6-3 Meridian MS HS


  • Christian Gore G 6-3 El Paso TX Franklin HS
  • Joe Sharkey G 6-2 Northfield MA Northfield Mt Hermon School
  • Stephen Albrecht G 6-2 Crown Point IN HS/Univ. of Toledo


  • Noah Springwater G 6-3 University HS San Francisco CA
  • Jamal Sims G 6-0 Greenbelt MD Roosevelt HS
  • Alex Rosenberg F 6-7 Millburn NJ Peddie School
  • Skylar Scrivan F 6-9 Hightstown NJ Peddie School
  • Tanner Gibson G 6-1 Zanesville OH HS


  • Gabas Maldunas C 6-8 Plymouth NH Holderness School
  • Kirill Savolainen F 6-5 Lynchburg VA Episcopal HS
  • John Golden F 6-6 Northfield MA Northfield Mount Hermon School
  • Mack McKearney G 6-2 Okemos MI HS


  • Max Hooper F 6-6 Wolfesboro NH Brewster Academy
  • Steve Moundou Missi F 6-6 Monteverde FL Montverde Academy
  • Wes Saunders F 6-5 Los Angeles Windward School
  • Corbin Miller G 6-2 Salt Lake City UT Brighton HS
  • Kenyatta Smith C 6-8 La Canada CA Flintridge Prep
  • Jonah Travis F 6-6 Minneapolis MN DeLaSalle HS


  • Xavier Harris F 6-5 Philadelphia PA Constitution HS
  • Greg Louis F 6-7 Palm Beach Gardens FL Dwyer HS


  • Bobby Garbade C 6-9 Binghamton NY Seton Catholic HS
  • Clay Wilson G 6-3 Tulsa OK Lincoln Christian HS
  • Denton Koon F 6-7 Liberty MO HS


  • Brandon Sherrod F 6-6 Stratford CT Choate Rosemary Hall HS
  • Armani Cotton G 6-6 Northfield MA Northfield Mount Hermon School
  • Will Childs-Klein C 6-11 Ladue MO Horton Watkins HS
  • Javier Duren G 6-2 St. Louis MO Oakville High School
  • Matt Townsend F 6-6 Chappaqua NY HS


Anonymous said...

i think it's fair to say at this point that harvard's freshmen have outperformed cornell's by quite a bit -- even if based on Laurent Rivard alone. I understand that this may not be entirely fair, as two of Cornell's frosh were "redshirted." Harvard's class next year seems even stronger, with some very high-level recruits. Cornell also apparently has a strong class, though there may be some more projects involved (ie Giddens). How do they compare?

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Harvard's Kenyatta Smith is probably the most physically ready to be a dominant player in the Ivy. He is generously listed at 6'8"--- could be closer to 6'6" and 1/2 but is a bruiser at 245.
He is very strong and skilled inside, a good finisher and is supposedly better than Keith Wright (right now). After him, notwithstanding some of the hype out there, Cornell's class could be just as good or better.

Wes Saunders is ultra athletic in the open court, likes up temp, but lacks a strong outside shot and is not as effective in the half court.

Corbin Miller is a good ball handler and shooter and should be very solid. Reminds me of Wroblewski. Very good player and could be an upgrade over McNally in a few years.

Jonah Travis is a skilled/tough/undersized "4" man like Adam Wire, while Moundou Missi is sort of a 3/4, but more likely a "4" in college. He is as explosive but more skilled than Andre Wilkins. He has a solid mid range game.

It is hard to see how Harvard will use Rivard/Moundou Missi/Travis and Saunders. They are different, but yet the same, and all play either 3/4.

Hooper is a slow and and a below avg athlete, even at the Ivy level. He is a bullseye shooter if left alone and is likely be a JV player at Harvard or last on the bench. Every Ivy passed on him.

Bottom line is Harvard has a GREAT class in terms of each individual's talent, but there is way too much duplication.

They over-recruited the 3/4 combo type.

Smith is a true 4 (maybe even 5), while Miller is a good combo guard. The rest of the guys are undersized tweeners all playing the same position.

Harvard now has great depth at forward, but just too many 6'5"-6'6" types and you just can't use all of them. Some of those guys will get lost in the shuffle despite their talent.

Harvard might have been better off trying to land a project with some length since the post is their weakest area in terms of competing with BCS teams.

Cornell did a better job of diversifying its class. LaMore is a legit 6'10" kid and Giddens ia long and bouncy 6'9" kid. Tomic adds bulk at the "4" -- a true power forward.

Shonn Miller is a pure "3" man while Cancer and Cherry are interchangeable 1/2s-- with Cancer most comfortable on the ball and Cherry off the ball.

Scelfo is a smart guard who will contribute and give Cornell more guard options.

Tarwater can be the next Adam Wire and is already physically developed.

Anonymous said...

Rivard's not a 3/4, he's a 2 if anything, then a 3. The only 3/4 they really have right now is Casey. And their class is really impressively good, but I ours Cornell's too.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Rivard doesn't play guard for them.

Anonymous said...

I've watched every Harvard home game. Rivard plays a lot of 2 guard. Curry and McNally are both excellent with the ball. Rivard usually substitutes for one of them. Also, Amaker really plays a 3 guard offense. He likes having a lot of athletic 2 and 3 players. I think that explains the mix of recruits.
Saunders has a higher scouts rating than Kenyatta Smith. He's not at great shooter, but he has a high motor and a lot of athleticism. I think he'll be a better player than you think.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Scouts Inc. is a joke of a service. They copy and paste data and rarely do their own evaluation of players outside the top 50.

No coach uses them and the grades are handed out on players they've never seen or only seen once.

It is a fact that virtually every coach in the League thinks Kenyatta Smith is the best recruit coming into the League. There is just no debate on it.

As for Saunders, I've seen him play too, and he is very athletic and runs the floor well, but he is not a strong perimeter shooter which is what has kept him from earning wider spread interest from major programs. He has other limitations as well. But had had a lot of good mid majors and few BCS schools show a lot of love for him. He'll definitely be a good one.

Not a knock on Saunders, but Cornell already has two above the rim wings next year in Shonn Miller and Errick Peck and both are better outside shooters and rebounders.

Saunders strength is his strength and handle. They are very few kids in the league with his power that can really run with the ball in the open court. As athletic as Kyle Casey and Peck are... neither are as strong running the floor with the handle. Saunders can do it well and go to the rim. But he lacks a distance shot and has not achieved distinction on the defensive glass.

Penn wanted Saunders as their future "3" man and Devin Cherry as their combo guard of choice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the additional information about Saunders. I guess there are few perfect players coming out of high school. You hope good coaching can help them overcome some of their weaknesses. Certainly, that was what made Steve Donahue so good. He found diamonds in the rough.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 1-Feb 6:11PM
"Harvard's freshmen have outperformed Cornell's by quite a bit -- even if based on Laurent Rivard alone."

OK, you've got that right, but let's make that Harvard's freshman, not freshmen.

Check it out. Only seven Ivy frosh have made significant contributions to their respective teams: Rivard, McGonagill, Cartwright, Frankoski, Kreisberg, Walker, and Starks... possibly in that order. It's a relatively lean year for the Ivy plebes.

No frosh from Cornell, Princeton, and Dartmouth. Only one from Harvard. Two from Columbia; two from Brown.

Anonymous said...

Matt Brown is starting to play a lot more for Harvard. He's a very good defender. He's an outstanding football player, and thus joined the team late.

I think it is foolish to judge the quality of the various Ivy League freshmen until the season is nearly over.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 1:14PM
Mmmm. The increasingly-used Brown puts in an empty two minutes as Harvard falls to Princeton at Jadwin. Impressive?

Wright and Casey are formidable, but Amaker requires [at least] a third quality big man in the rotation to take his team to the next level. He knows it. As skilled as he is, at 6'3", Brown does not fit this need. Van Nest also does not seem to be the answer.

McGonagill goes off for 39 against the Lions. That was impressive!!

I don't find it foolish when people make observations based on 300+ minutes of non-garbage time play by various Ivy freshmen. Ivy coaching staffs do it every day as they make their game plans. That's how games are won... and lost.