Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sports Network Previews Tigers at Big Red

The Sports Network

DATE & TIME: Saturday, February 12th, 7:00 p.m. (et)

FACTS & STATS: Site: Newman Arena (4,473) -- Ithaca, New York. Television: none. Home Record: Princeton 10-0, Cornell 3-4. Away Record: Princeton 6-3, Cornell 2-10. Neutral Record: Princeton 2-1, Cornell 1-1. Conference Record: Princeton 6-0, Cornell 2-5. Series Record: Princeton leads, 134-78.

GAME NOTES: One night after recording a record setting victory over Columbia, the Princeton Tigers will take their act to Newman Arena for an Ivy League Conference date with the Cornell Big Red.

Princeton's 76-46 Friday night win proved to be its largest margin of victory ever recorded at Columbia. More importantly, the blowout win moved the Tigers to a perfect 6-0 in Ivy League play.

Friday night saw Cornell earn a thrilling 82-71 overtime victory over Penn. The scintillating triumph was just the second Ivy win of the season for Cornell however, where it now sits at 2-5.

With regards to the all-time series, tonight's matchup marks the 213th meeting between Princeton and Cornell. The Tigers currently hold a 134-78 lead over the Big Red.

Princeton is in the midst of an eight-game win streak. The run of success includes six straight Ivy League wins. The run of success, which began on Jan. 5th, ties an early-season eight-game streak, which lasted from Nov. 28th to Dec. 29th, for season-long status. The Tigers eight win in this most current run made history for its lopsided nature. Princeton throttled Columbia, posting a 30-point margin of victory. The Tigers shot 60.7 percent from the field, including 60 percent from beyond the arc in a first half which saw them jump out to an insurmountable 42-26 lead. Ian Hummer turned in a masterful performance on the night, as he posted a double-double of 25 points and 12 rebounds. Guard Dan Mavraides added 17 points, while Douglas Davis and Kareem Maddox each finished with 10 points. Hummer continues to be a juggernaut for Princeton. He paces the squad in scoring at 14.3 ppg, while also pulling down 6.8 rpg and converting 55.8 percent of his field goal attempts. Behind Hummer, the Tigers score 70.5 ppg. They earn wins on the defensive end however, limiting teams to just 63.5 ppg.

Cornell has now won two straight Ivy games. The current streak interrupted a stretch of five consecutive losses, which saw the Big Red begin league play at 0-5. The Big Red has experienced an offensive explosion in its last two games to account for the win streak. A week ago, the team registered a 91-79 victory over Brown, before tallying 82 points in last night's victory. The recent up- tick is a vast improvement from Cornell's season average of 67.2 ppg. Chris Wroblewski currently paces the offense, scoring a team-high 14.9 ppg and handing out a team-high 102 assists. He is supported by Drew Ferry and Errick Peck, who average 12.2 and 11.1 ppg, respectively. The Big Red is also hurt by a porous defense, as it allows 70.4ppg on the year. The offense has certainly found its footing of late, though. In Friday night's win, Cornell drained 12 three-pointers, including two from senior Max Groebe in overtime which proved to be the difference. The Big Red shot 44.4 percent from three-point range in the win and handed out 18 assists. Wroblewski had a strong night, tallying a team-high 21 points, while handing out four assists and grabbing four rebounds. Groebe went 6-of-8 from downtown in the game and finished with 20 points.

Cornell has been playing well of late, but it is unlikely that the Big Red will be able to maintain such a high level of offensive play against a strong Princeton squad. Look for the Tigers to pick up their seventh Ivy League win of the season.

Sports Network Predicted Outcome: Princeton 75, Cornell 62


Anonymous said...

I voiced this sentiment two weeks ago and was criticized by some as disloyal, but I'm rooting for Princeton tonight.

We're not winning the conference this year. What Harvard is doing on the recruiting front is very dangerous for the what the Ivy League stands for. Only Princeton can stop them this season.

Go Tigers.

They call me Memphis said...

I still think of you as disloyal. How do you cheer against arguably our top rival against US??? Thats the definition of disloyal...

Anonymous said...

Plus many squads have voiced their hatred for Princeton more than Harvard (everyone from last years team and the year before) so how are you going to cheer for them over Harvard, and more importantly over us? You sir are a BANDWAGON FAN, and not a real Cornell fan.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

That makes no sense.

You root for Cornell, THEN you root for Princeton the rest of the way. If Princeton loses tonight, but wins out, they will win the league.

In any event, even if Harvard wins the league, Tommy Amaker has to look himself in the mirror everyday and know how he did it.

--He, along with Kenny Blakeney, intentionally broke NCAA recruiting contact rules in communicating with Zach Rosen, Max Kenyi, and Keith Wright. There were other kids contacted, but we will not comment further since their names are not in the public domain. But Harvard did not just choose to contact these three kids during a closed communication period.

--Harvard also unethically and ruthlessly cut and released the ENTIRE Harvard class of 2011. Five players simultaneously were told they have no place in his program. These were model student-athletes. Amaker and his A.D., Robert Scalise did not care. They only wanted to win and pushed these kids out. This action alone is disgraceful and contradicts the very basic principles of the Ivy League.

--And finally, Harvard, through its own contradictory and self-righteous actions, increased its financial grants for sports (a.k.a. scholarship aid) and reduced admissions standards to the point where their star recruits have the lowest individual AIs in Ivy League basketball are in Cambridge. Harvard "hides" these AIs by recruiting 1-2 J.V. kids per year to make the class AI appear higher as an average. These walk-ons never stick with the program and are usually forced out. Only Harvard would recruit kids like Majok Majok and Frank Ben Eze. Because only at Harvard did they feel they had a chance at admission. No other Ivy would touch those kids.

Not At The Table Carlos said...

Mr. Anon 3:17, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. If that is really what you think do us all a favor and stay away from this blog, Newman arena, and never consider yourself a cornell fan of any sport.

Anonymous said...

Yeah seriously what kind of fan are you, you should be rooting for us to beat Princeton and Harvard next week and against all the other teams, way to give up on your team. How do you think the team feels, let us just go out there and lose, you are crazy

Anonymous said...

The first comment made me want to vomit. Whoever you are, your Cornell ID should be burned. You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

it probably isnt a Cornell fan but is some disgruntled DP writer, stay classy Penn fans

Anonymous said...

Hey didn't the dude in Billy Madison that tries to take the company from Billy from Harvard?

And he gets tripped up on ethics in the final event.....

Anon 357, good job, you're right, we are all dumber now.