Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News and Notes: Afternoon Edition

Below, some afternoon news and notes...
  • Time Magazine writes, "When Cornell makes it to the Sweet 16, like it did last year, or Butler reaches the national championship, it's no great shock. Everyone knew those teams were talented."
  • The Star Ledger of New Jersey writes, "Cornell advanced to the regional semifinals last season, which helped the Ivy League earn more prestige in basketball circles. Of course, the Big Red lost to [John] Calipari and the [Kentucky] Wildcats."
  • Yard Barker's Just Cover blog writes of Wisconsin's NCAA performance a year ago, "they needed a final shot to best Wofford and were subsequently smoked by Cornell."
  • Ron Berry writes on, "I attended the basketball powerhouse known as Cornell University during my undergrad years. We had 8 seniors on the team last year and reached the Sweet 16. Those seniors graduated and you hardly heard a peep from Ithaca this year. Experience matters, especially for mid-major teams who have been to the tournament before."

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