Thursday, March 17, 2011

News and Notes: Afternoon Edition

Matt May of the network site--, tweets that he is not impressed with Princeton's size or athleticism in comparison to Cornell from a year ago. Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier Journal, the Kentucky beat-writer, voiced similar sentiments, going so far as to write, "Princeton can't win this game. What Cornell did in the NCAA Tournament last season, beating Temple and then Wisconsin before losing to UK...was an Ivy League aberration."
  • MMM 105.5's Jonathan Suttin writes, "Last year Bucky [Wisconsin] got knocked off by Cornell which is not only a Cinderella team but a very smart one too. Losing to an Ivy League school is like being dumped by a beautiful girl who also happens to be a rocket scientist. "
  • writes, "(4) Kentucky vs. (13) Princeton, Thursday 2:45 Will John Calipari’s Wildcats beat a veteran-laden Ivy League squad for the second consecutive tournament after taking out Cornell last season?"
  • Jon Jaques ('10) writes for SlamOnline and makes a few NCAA Tournament predictions, including:

    - #7 Temple over #10 Penn State:
    Penn State is the hotter team, but Temple should be motivated after last year’s embarrassing first-round loss to Cornell.

    - #4 Wisconsin over #14 Belmont:
    People see Wisconsin’s recent tournament losses to Davidson and Cornell, look at Belmont’s roster, and automatically conclude the Badgers lose here (I wonder why…). Wisconsin responds to the upset talk with a big win.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy, crazy UK-Princeton game. Man, final proof that Princeton's style can beat anybody. Although they came up short, they successfully exectuted, for over 3/4ths of the game, what Cornell figured out to do too late in the game last year: slow it down and make them play at your pace.
Crazy. Longest game ever.
Anyways, season is over and now we can start planning for next year! We can now shift focus full time to Josh's sandwiches.