Friday, March 4, 2011

News and Notes: Late Morning Edition

Some late morning news and notes...
  • In an interview with Ivy League Executive Director, Robin Harris, USA Today writes, "Harris knows that Ivy champ Cornell's run to the Sweet 16 last year, which included beating Temple and Wisconsin, won't affect how the committee views this year's field, she does think it proves that Ivy teams can successfully compete with plenty of opponents."

BROWN (11-15, 4-8 Ivy) at CORNELL (8-18, 4-8 Ivy)

Brown had Harvard on the ropes last weekend until sophomore Andrew McCarthy missed a wide-open layup that would have tied the game with just over three minutes left. Had the end of that contest played out differently, the Bears would be riding the longest winning streak in the league.

I like the way this team is coming together. Tucker Halpern, Sean McGonagill, and company should be able to climb up the Ivy ranks next year, with the squads ahead of them losing seniors from their core. In the meantime, I see Brown picking up its second conference road win.

Pick: Brown 76, Cornell 75


Yale stole one from Cornell back on Feb. 4 when the Bulldogs erased a 10-point deficit with less than two minutes remaining to pull out a 71-70 victory. I think the Big Red enact a measure of revenge and end Yale’s season on a sour note.

Pick: Cornell 71, Yale 69


Anonymous said...

My prediction is that Cornell finishes season with 2 wins.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. The "new" Cornell team that has taken the court the past eight games is really formidable. They are definitely playing well enough to sweep this weekend. The games will be very competitive, but they can definitely do it.

BTW, I think the author of this article underestimates what Brown is losing to graduation.

Seniors PSullivan, Leffelman, and Williams are three of their top five players. The Bears are losing more contributing players than anyone else in the league.

While they will be able to put an experienced starting five, plus Stephen Albrecht, on the court, they appear to lack the necessary depth to make much improvement.

Anonymous said...

Looks like my prediction of a season finish with 2 wins came true. Its good to be right.

The seniors played excellent last several games. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Looking forward to next year.