Monday, March 28, 2011

News and Notes: Monday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Monday...
  • Cornell has at least two direct connections to teams in the Final Four. Cornell senior, Mark Coury played two seasons with the Kentucky Wildcats before transferring to the Big Red, while Cornell Head Coach, Bill Courtney served a brief stint as an assistant at VCU.

  • Ryan Wittman ('10) had another huge night for the NBA D-League's Ft. Wayne Mad Ants, chipping in 12 points (4/6 FGs), 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block and 1 assist in 26 minutes as Ft. Wayne defeated Albuquerque, 129-97 on Sunday evening.
  • Below, Cornell assistant coach Mike Blaine tweets his excitement for spring workouts.


Anonymous said...

Wow Brooks goes to Penn, guess the NCAA issues at Tenn and the uncertainty with Tubby at Minn helped out, looks like the Penn fans will be getting back on the bandwagon

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Brooks tore his ACL and lost virtually all of his offers. As we've seen with Darren Smith and Adam Gore, ACL tears can devastate a career. In fact, more often than not, the player never fully recovers.

Anonymous said...

Darren Smith's injury was his knee cap, not his ACL.

Anonymous said...

Point 1: ACL's will fully heal. It's proven in the medical literature. Complete healing requires competent reconstructive surgery, two years of non-sports activity, and specific rehab. Time is key; most [young] athletes are unwilling to give this amount of time to the process.

Point 2: A second very real problem is that tearing one ACL signals that the other one is at higher than normal risk of tearing. There is both a genetic factor and an overuse factor on the limb with the untorn ACL.

Robbie Hummel is the latest big-time collegiate example.

Let's hope that the docs give our own Dom Scelfo time to fully heal. Another year off would not be unreasonable.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Regardless, we all know that ACL injuries are 50/50 recoveries and some players never return to form.

In a league without scholarships, as an Ivy, you take a chance on a kid like Brooks and hope it pans out.

If this were the NBA Draft, his stock fell hard.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Scelfo had an MCL tear, not an ACL. Not as serious, but not good either.

There is a reason why scholarships were pulled--- because it is a big risk.

Anonymous said...

With today's reconstructive surgery techniques, the sole reason that "we all know" that ACL's heal 50/50 is that kids/coaches do not give them enough time. The kids are thoroughbreds; they want to play.

With surgery in the next few weeks after the swelling subsides, young Brooks can sit out 2011-12 and have up to 18 months off the competitive court (including away from practice) to heal it completely. If he handles it that way, he really has a good chance to recover @100%.

I assume Penn's MD's will sit Brooks during the 2011-12 season. The best news for the rest of the league will be if they relegate him to your 50/50 recovery group by being silly enough to allow him to practice with the team next winter or even play summer ball in 2012.