Friday, April 22, 2011

George Mason University to Target Bill Courtney?

The Washington Post is reporting that Cornell's Robert E. Gallagher '44 Head Coach of Men's Basketball, Bill Courtney is a potential target replacement for George Mason University after its coach, Jim Larranaga left his head coaching position at George Mason today for the University of Miami. The Washington Post writes, "One candidate to replace Larranaga could be Cornell Coach Bill Courtney, who was an assistant to Larranaga at George Mason for eight seasons from 1997 to 2005. He helped recruit a number of the players who led George Mason to the Final Four in 2006. Courtney also has been an assistant at Virginia, Virginia Tech and Providence."

The Blog, GMU Hoops, endorses Courtney's hire by George Mason. GMU Hoops writes:

With Jim Larranaga now officially leaving for Miami who will be the next George Mason head coach? One name your going to hear a lot about is former Larranaga assistant Bill Courtney. Courtney practically built the 2006 Final Four team and still has ties to the school. Boosters have told me he paid money out of his own pocket to travel to Cleveland to watch this year's team in the NCAA tournament. Courtney left the program right before the 2005-2006 season to go to Providence and watched the team he had a large hand in recruiting reach the Final Four. The university paid for him to be there during that year at the NCAA tournament. He then moved on to be an assistant at Virginia, Virginia Tech and brief stint at VCU before becoming head coach at Cornell where he is at currently.
Courtney would be a great hire as he is already familar with the program and the university. There could be a few more sexy candidates out there, such as Harvard's Tommy Amaker, a Fairfax native. Wouldn't that be ironic if the guy who turned down the Miami replaces the guy who took it? Also current Vermont head coach Mike Lonergan could be a candidate. I would love to see Chris Caputo get the job but I heard rumors he's got something else in the works, we'll have to wait and see.
Mason AD Tom O'Connor, who I'm sure most fans aren't happy with right now, says he wants to replace Larranaga quickly but as thoroughly as possible.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope we dont lose Coach Courtney, that would really hurt the program

Anonymous said...

It would be disappointing, but maybe we then have an opportunity to bring in Zach Spiker.

Anonymous said...

Doubt it, we wouldnt pay his buyout

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

There are no Ivies that would do a buy-out of any kind. Spiker is under contract for at least another year.

Cornell could hire assistant coaches (who do not have contracts), unemployed head coaches, or head coaches in their final years of contracts.

But we are all jumping the gun here.

George Mason fans may love Coach Courtney, but there is no evidence in the public record that GMU's A.D. is pursuing Bill, and even if so, where he stands on their priority list.