Tuesday, April 19, 2011

News and Notes: Tuesday Edition

Above, 1959-1962 Ivy League media guides. Below, some news and notes for Tuesday...
  • The ABA's Nashville Soul have named former Cornell head coach, Jan Van Breda Kolff its new head coach.
  • Stephen Barrie was named the new head basketball coach at Queens University in Canada. The Kingston Whig Herald explains his connection to Cornell:
...For mentors, Barrie has former national championship Western men's coach Craig Boydell, Katz andBoston College men's coach Steve Donahue, who led upstart Cornell to the sweet 16 in 2010, among others.

Barrie got to know Donahue through former Western teammate Nat Graham, an assistant under Donahue at Cornell and Boston College. He spent time at Cornell the past several years shadowing the staff.

"Steve has been gracious enough to have me spend four or five days at different times with his program and be in every learning environment I could be," Barrie said.

"(Cornell) is an Ivy League school that realistically started down at the bottom of the league when he got there. Through time and hard work and a certain vision and approach, they worked their way up to the top of the Ivy League. Steve has always been clear about how they got there — it was recruiting a certain type of individual that's going to fit with what they want and putting a premium on character. What I've learned from that staff has been very, very important. I feel I can bring a lot of that to Queen's. There are a lot of strong comparisons between the programs."

  • The YahooSports Dagger Blog writes of the difficult upcoming season facing Steve Donahue, Nat Graham and Woody Kampmann up at Boston College.

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