Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Above, a 1967 Cornell-Harvard game program. Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...
  • The Ithaca Journal's Brian Delaney writes on Twitter that he will now refer to Cornell's class of 2010 as simply "The Class" in reference to the Big Red graduating class that achieved three consecutive Ivy League titles between 2008 through 2010, including a Sweet Sixteen appearance and No. 17 final national ranking in 2010.


Anonymous said...

ACC's Boston College canceling next season's game against Harvard.

Bullies. Hopefully, they get their rear ends kicked next season in the ACC.

Anonymous said...

Harvard would have beat BC easily next year, BC will be terrible next year especially if Jackson doesnt return

Anonymous said...

Dominating performance by the lacrosse team. Extremely impressive.

Anonymous said...

Syracuse was missing their #2 goal-scorer and #2 defenseman last night in the Dome.

That's akin to Lou Dale playing without Ryan Wittman and Jeff Foote.

No question that it was a nice job by the Red, especially in the Orange's house, but Cornell had better be ready for a rematch in the tournament with Desko and Lade in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

The lax team better keep doing it in the ivy tourney and the tourney tourney when it counts.

Anonymous said...


The general pre-season consensus was that BC was going to be worse in 2010-11 than in 2009-10. Donahue notched his fourth consecutive 20-game winning season and fourth straight post-season appearance, when "noone" thought it could be done.

Don't count CoachD out. His four year winning percentage is now .730.

Even better, let's see if Rakim Harris now transfers from Fairfield to again avoid playing for an ex-Ivy League coach who will make him work.

Anonymous said...

He cannot transfer again, he will lose his eligibility, pretty funny that he ends up with two Ivy league coaches though

Anonymous said...

Harvard needs to remove Holy Cross, Mercer, Bryant, Fordham, Monmouth, and the D-III's from their schedule.

Replace them with a combination of trips to ~Top-50/75 BCS team schools with big arenas, and home/away games with mid-majors that rank 75-125. A MTE would be great. They have plenty of name recognition to get it done.

They may only end up with three home non-conference games. That is the price that must be paid for getting the chance to have an RPI good enough to rate a 12-seed, should they reach the big tournament. Belmont and Utah State proved again last year that running up a glossy record against a mid-100's RPI SOS earns a seed that gets you crushed in Round I.

Can't wait to see if the Crimson are brave enough to challenge themselves.