Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Louis Dale ('10) is shown on Tuesday on the main page of Germany's BBL (Budesliga) website. Dale and his Goettingen club open the BBL Playoffs on April 30 at the Deutsche Bank Skyliners. Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...
  • writes, "How did these kids get so smart, with a the 'brain drain' and lack of 'cool cities' in Michigan? Four seniors have committed to play at Ivy League schools: Flint Powers point guard Patrick Lucas-Perry to Penn, Dexter's 6-8 David LaMore to Cornell, Novi's 6-8 Samer Ozier to Columbia and Okemos do-it-all guard Mack McKearney to Dartmouth. Another all-stater, 6-7 Jackson Lumen Christi senior Dan Chilcote visited the Air Force Academy last week, but continue to have Columbia under consideration. The NYC school has hit up Michigan hard, and is looking for its second score with Chilcote. He'd likely take the East Coast prep school fifth year to add some muscle to his versatile wing forward game."
  • Following Colgate's hiring of Temple assistant Mat Langel as the Red Raiders' next head coach, noted, "Langel last year was a candidate for the Cornell job that went to Bill Courtney."
  • Chris Wroblewski's former Rising Stars AAU program director, Mike Weinstein has sold his AAU program reports the Chicago Sun Times. The Times notes, "The Rising Stars, JG's travel team program, has been top-notch for more than a decade. More than 50 players -- including Mundelein's Ben Brust (Wisconsin), Highland Park's Chris Wroblewski (Cornell), Zion-Benton Lenzelle Smith (Ohio State), Waukegan's Jereme Richmond (Illinois) and Lincoln Park's Michael Thompson (Northwestern) -- have moved on to play Division I basketball."
  • comments on Title IX and its implementation at Cornell.


Anonymous said...

If the 19 men included on the rosters of the women's fencing, volleyball and basketball teams do not make the difference between Cornell complying or not complying with Title IX, and do not make the difference in prior years, then it's not a big deal.

However, if the number of men counted as women is material to meeting the proportionality test, or give us enough cushion to avoid further scrutiny, that's bad. It certainly looks bad, especially *if* no other Ivy does it.

The quote in the article from men's rowing coach Todd Kennett smacks of "the lady doth protest too much." (Ironic, eh?) He said, "The women on my team count as women, which allows me to put more men on my roster." That makes absolutely no sense. A female cox takes a spot away from a potential male cox; it doesn't create an additional roster spot for anybody.

Anonymous said...

This counting issue doesnt matter all that much in comparison to Yale's issues, Yale is getting sued over Title IX issues for creating a hostile environment for women. Cornell's counting issues are a non story, they are following the files, all the women fencers interviewed said they benefited from getting to practice against men.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The men aren't even officially on the team. They are part of the program... but not on the team. Not listed on rosters, media guides, do not get to be in team photos or get any of the special privileges.