Monday, April 25, 2011

No Conversation Between George Mason and Bill Courtney

Brian Delaney of the Ithaca Journal reports via Twitter that Bill Courtney has had no discussion with George Mason about becoming the Patriots' next head coach.


Anonymous said...

thats a relief

Anonymous said...

I don't buy it - check out his carefully crafted words.

Anonymous said...

He could have said I have no interest in leaving Cornell, but just said he hasn't been contacted. Money talks-coaches walk!

Anonymous said...

According to published news reports in Vermont, Univ. of Vermont head coach, Mike Lonegran, signed a three year deal in early 2010 earning a base salary of $180,000. If Lonergan leaves Vermont to go to George Washington, as rumored, he would have to pay Vermont $75,000 to buy out of his contract. Financially, it would certainly be worth it for Lonergan to pay the $75,000 buyout if he gets the same $500,000 base salary at George Washington as the coach who was just fired at George Washington.

Just curious, what are typical contract buyout dollars for head basketball coaches in the Ivy league? I am guessing they are fairly low?

Anonymous said...

Stop being lawyers, he would look real bad if he left after making that comment

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

The acquiring school usually handles the buy-out, not the coach being hired.

In any event, there has been very little talk of Bill Courtney's involvement with George Mason and other candidates seem to be emerging as leaders ahead of him, including Mike Young (Wofford head coach), Jeff Capel (former Oklahoma/Old Dominion head coach), Mike Lonergan (Vermont head coach) and Jim Baron (University of URI head coach).

If Bill is a candidate, he is way down on the list and we feel pretty comfortable he is coming back to Cornell.

Anonymous said...

ANONS 7:38PM and 2:25PM-

What's up with you guys anyway? Is there a purpose to being so cynical as not to trust our coach who just completed his rookie year at the helm?

George Mason's hiring of Paul Hewitt says that GMU has become one of the top half-dozen mid-major jobs. CoachC was never in the running.

Coach Courtney absolutely spoke the truth. You guys twisted his words. For shame!

Coach, we real fans are with you 100%. That mid-season turnaround was a great thing. We're looking for more next fall.