Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roster Report: Offseason Ivy League Transactions

Below is an updated look at the projected roster sizes for the Ivy League teams for the 2011-2012 season. Roster figures include incoming freshman and account for players graduating or departing the program for other reasons.

A listing of recruited players verbally committed to attend Ivy League programs next year may be found by clicking here. Below is also list of players who were on Ivy League rosters, but left their respective programs since the 2008-2009 season due to reasons other than health/medical, graduation and/or exhaustion of NCAA eligibility. This list could be considered as an indicator of Ivy League players' satisfaction with their respective programs or evidence of coaching staffs that force out and cut players from the program.
Ivy League Roster Departures

Hakeem Harris (left during '10-'11)
Colin Aldridge (left during '09-'10)
Sean Kane (left during '09-'10)
Stefan Kaluz (left during '09-'10)
Jean Herbert Harris (left during '09-'10)
Noel Hollingsworth (left during '08-'09)
Morgan Kelly (left during '08-'09)

Dyami Starks (left during '11-'12)
Dan Feldmann (left during '11-'12)
Sandeep Dhaliwal (left during '10-'11)
Tom Piscina (left during '10-'11)
Issa Masse (left during '10-'11)

Alex Hill (left during '09-'10)
Marc Van Burck (left during '09-'10)

David Eads (left during '10-'11)
Josh Riddle (left during '10-'11)
Herve Kouna (left during '10-'11)
Josef Brown (left during '10-'11)
Garrett Brown (left during '09-'10)
Marlon Sanders (left during '09-'10)
Brandon Ware (left during '09-'10)
Elgin Fitzgerald (left during '09-'10)
Jarrett Mathis (left during '09-'10)

Max Kenyi (left during '11-'12)
Pete Edelson (left during '10-'11)
Spencer de Mars (left during '10-'11)

Hugh Martin (left during '09-'10)
Peter Boehm (left during '09-'10)
Peter Swiatek (left during '09-'10)
Eric Groszyk (left during '08-'09)
T.J. Carey (left during '08-'09)
Kyle Fitzgerald (left during '08-'09)
Adam Demuyakor (left during '08-'09)
Ndu Okereke (left during '08-'09)
Darryl Finkton (left during '08-'09)
Cem Dinc (left during '08-'09)
Alex Blankenau (left during '08-'09)

Casey James (left during '11-'12)
Tommy Eggleston (left during '10-'11)

Sean Mullan (left during '10-'11)
Malcom Washington (left during '10-'11)
Carson Sullivan (left during '09-'10)
Brian Fitzpatrick (left during '09-'10)
Tommy McMahon (left during '08-'09)
Harrison Gaines (left during '08-'09)
Remy Cofield (left during '08-'09)
Garvin Hunt (left during '08-'09)

Zane Ma (left during '09-'10)
Max Huc (left during '09-'10)
Gus Gabel (left during '09-'10)

Michael Sands (left during '10-'11)
Garrett Fiddler (left during '09-'10)

(updated 5.16.11)

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