Thursday, May 19, 2011

News and Notes: Thursday Edition

Above, a score sheet from a 1996-1997 Cornell game program. Below, some news and notes for Thursday...
  • Some of Cornell's incoming recruits were recently the recipients of honors for their work in the classrooms. Devin Cherry (Meridian HS) Meridian, MS, 6-3, G, received his school's Melinda Weathers Award. This award is presented to an all-around student who excels in academics and extracurricular activities with a special emphasis on athletics. Meanwhile, Ned Tomic (North Royalton HS) North Royalton, OH, 6-7, F, will graduate Magna Cum Laude from his school.

  • We are hearing that former Cornell assistant coach and current Army head coach, Zach Spiker will lead his Cadets against a trio of Ivy League teams this season, none of which will include Cornell. Spiker is assisted at Army by former Big Red player and assistant coach, Kevin App ('07).
  • Below is an updated directory listing of some Twitter feeds associated with the Cornell basketball program. You can also follow The Cornell Basketball Blog on Twitter.
-Josh Wexler ('88)
-Steve Cobb ('05)
-Andrew Naeve ('07)
-Jason Canady ('08)
-Khaliq Gant ('09)
-Conor Mullen ('09)
-Ryan Wittman ('10)
-Pete Reynolds ('10)
-Jon Jaques ('10)
-Louis Dale ('10)
-Alex Tyler ('10)
-Geoff Reeves ('10)
-Jeff Foote ('10)
-Andre Wilkins ('10)
-Max Groebe ('10)
-Aaron Osgood ('10)
-Max Groebe ()
-Andrew Ferry ()
-Peter McMillan ()
-Errick Peck ()
-Dominick Scelfo ()
-Jake Mathews ()
-Dwight Tarwater ()
-Manny Sahota ()
-Dave LaMore ()
-Shonn Miller ()
-Devin Cherry ()
-The Cornell Rebounders Club
-Assistant Coach Ricky Yahn ()
-Assistant Coach Mike Blaine ()
-Assistant Coach Marlon Sears ()
-Brian Delaney, ESPN Radio WPIE ()
-Cornell Daily Sun Sports ()
-Slope Sports ()
-WVBR Sports ()
-Former assistant coach, Jay Larranaga ()
-Former assistant coach, Woody Kampann ()
-Former assistant coach, Nat Graham ()
-Former head coach, Steve Donahue ()
  • Below, a video tribute to Cornell University by graduating senior Alex Silver, including images from inside Barton Hall and along Tower Road near Newman Arena. This video is sure to stir up emotions of anyone who loves Cornell University and captures the incredible beauty of the most unique university in the Ivy League.

This Is from Alex Silver on Vimeo.

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