Wednesday, May 4, 2011

News and Notes: Wednesday Edition

Below, some news and notes for Wednesday...
  • Louis Dale ('10) and his Goettingen club (Germany BBL) play game number 2 tonight in their first round playoffs series with the Deutsche Bank Skyliners.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun named Errick Peck to its list of Top 15 Sophomore Athletes. The Sun writes, "Errick Peck (men's basketball) Position: Forward, Stats: -Averaged team best 13.3 points on 45-percent shooting over final 22 games -Scored career-high 22 points against Dartmouth Feb. 19."


Anonymous said...

sooooo those stat's that the sun printed about peck are completely false.

how do you make that mistake? that's really bad.

ski led the team with 14.2 ppg and peck had 11 ppg.

come on cornell daily sun.

i'm not saying peck doesn't deserve to be on the list because HE ABSOLUTELY DOES. i'm just saying how do you get something as easy to look up as stats wrong.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the energy to check, but they did specify that those stats were "over the final 22 games" so maybe over that time they're right.

Anonymous said...

At least according to ESPN stats it is wrong regardless. Peck didn't play the last game. So if you do team 22 games (so 21 of Peck's games) thats an average of 12.95ppg. If you do Peck's 22 games, that's 12.45ppg.

Anonymous said...

And, if you sort his scores, and average the top 21 games, he's got an average of 13.3. Who knows what the Sun did with their math.