Friday, June 17, 2011

News and Notes: Friday Edition

(Photos of Newman Arena entrance by Matt Hintsa)
  • Just some perspective as we push into the next year. Heading into the 2011-2012 season, Cornell is the only Ivy League basketball program to have won an NCAA Tournament game in the last decade. Cornell is also the last Ivy League team to advance as far as the Sweet 16 in the last thirty years. Below are Cornell's records vs. the Big Red's Ivy League opponents during the last four seasons.
Brown 8 wins 0 losses
Columbia 6 wins 2 losses
Dartmouth 7 wins 1 loss
Harvard 5 wins 3 losses
Penn 7 wins 1 loss
Princeton 5 wins 3 losses
Yale 6 wins 2 losses
  • While Cornell University officially lists Newman Arena's seating capacity at 4,473, the Big Red have hosted beyond this number, both officially and unofficially, on several occasions. One such was November 23, 2003 when Cornell hosted Georgia Tech with an official attendance count of 4,762. During the '07-'08 Ivy League championship season, Cornell recorded two official sell-outs of Newman Arena. The Big Red did not sell out any games during the '08-'09 Ivy League championship season, but record four sell-outs during the '09-'10 championship season.
  • The Dagger Blog of and YahooSports points out that only seven of Division I's 345 teams had a player wear the No. 53 jersey last season. The number 53 jersey is also extremely rare at Cornell. Our research indicates that last Cornell player to wear No. 53 was Brian Williamson ('03), a 6'9" center from Rushville, NY, who played just two seasons with the Big Red and wore the No. 53 jersey only as a sophomore. Prior to Williamson, the last Big Red player to put on No. 53 was Joe Mauer during the 1994-1995 season.

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