Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recruiting News

In this post, some recruiting updates from around the Ivy League.

For a list of committed players to attend Ivy League schools, including profiles of incoming Cornell recruits, and a listing of Cornell's prospective recruiting targets, click here. For a list of general Ivy League prospective recruiting targets, click here. Please note that we update these lists daily.

Below is a listing of the dates of the Ivy League basketball camps which typically compete with one another for position in inviting the top Ivy League prospects.
  • Yale June 3-5
  • Princeton June 12-14
  • Penn June 17-19
  • Columbia (Session 1 - June 17-19, Session 2 - June 19-21)
  • Brown June 23-25
  • Cornell June 25-26
  • Harvard June 25-27
  • Dartmouth June 27-30
Class of 2012 Recruiting News

Matt Christiansen (Bishop McGuinness HS) Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6-9, F, committed to San Francsico over an offer from Harvard per

Northstar Basketball Blog reports that Aldin Medunjanin (Millbrook School) Millbrook, NY, 6-2, G, has interest from Yale, Siena, Holy Cross, Niagara, Hofstra, and Tufts. He does not have any offers but will be visiting Holy Cross this summer.

Jeremy Schulkin (Westtown School) West Chester, PA, 6-6, F is hearing from Penn per Recruit Scoop.

The New Haven Register reports that Kris Dunn (New London HS) New London, CT, 6-3, G, has offers from Providence, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and has interest from UConn, Boston College, Georgia Tech and Stanford. He visited Harvard last year. reports that Nate McGinley (Centaurus HS) Lafayette, CO, 6-3, G, has Yale, Northern Colorado, American, Colorado, and Colorado State among interested schools. reports that Larry Wideman (Green Sea Floyds HS) Green Sea, SC, 6-4, G, has a list of Princeton, Yale, Wofford, Winthrop, Old Dominion and Jacksonville.

Victor Rohlf (Sagemont Upper HS) Westmont, FL, 6-3, G, has widespread Ivy interest from Brown, Columbia, Penn and Yale as well as from Hartford.

Tanner Giddings (Windsor HS) Windsor, CA 6-9, C, lists Yale and Cal Poly as schools of interest per

Thomas Sjoberg (St. Thomas Academy) Mendota Heights, MN, 6-5, G, recently visited Cornell and is also hearing from Yale and Penn per the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Eric Fanning (The Perkiomen School) Pennsburg, PA, 6-5, G, has a steady list of low majors contacting him including, Dartmouth, Penn, Florida Atlantic, Colgate, The Citadel, Army, Quinnipiac, Stony Brook, St. Francis, Coastal Carolina, and Maryland Eastern Shore.

According to, Michael Obacha (Oak Ridge Military) Oak Ridge, NC, 6-8, F, has offers from Tennessee Tech, Tennessee St., Appalachian State, Furman and UNC-Greensboro and is also hearing from Penn.

The Northfield Mount Hermon School reports on the recruitment of several of its players. from the classes of 2012 and 2013. Skyler White (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 6-8, F (class of '13) and Lucas Van Ness (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 6-10, F (class of '12) attended the elite camps at Columbia, Penn and Yale. Also at the Penn Camp were Anthony Dallier (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 6-6, F (class of '13), Sam Donahue (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 6-0, G (class of '13) and Will DeFanti (Northfield Mt. Hermon School) Northfield, MA, 5-10, G (class of '13). Dallier already has an offer from Duquesne and recently visited Stanford.

Derrico Peck (Northview HS) Duluth, GA, 6-5, F, has interest from Harvard, Tennesseee Tech, Charleston, Liberty and East Carolina per

Class of 2013 Recruiting News

Crown Magazine writes that Agunwa Okolie (Denis O’Connor School), Ajax, Ontario, 6-7, F, has interest from Cornell, Stanford, Elon and Lafayette.

Marquise Coleman (Booker T. Washington HS) Norfolk, VA, 5-9, G, is hearing from Brown and Penn per

Darian Harris (Shiloh Christian) Springdale, AR, 6-4, G, has a list of Yale, Tulane, Tulsa, Denver, Oral Roberts, Missouri State, Texas A&M, and Kansas according to

Matt Howard (AC Flora HS) Columbia, SC, 6-4, G, is hearing from Cornell, Harvard, Davidson, Furman, Holy Cross, Bucknell, George Mason, Notre Dame, Virginia, Cal, Wisconsin, Iowa State and Arizona State, among many others per

Rivals reports that Steve Vasturia (St. Joseph's HS) Philadelphia, PA, 6-4, G, has heard from Penn, Davidson, Boston College, St. Joseph's, LaSalle, Temple, Rutgers and Seton Hall among others.

Nolan Berry (DeSmet HS) Saint Louis, MO, 6-7, F, has heard from Harvard, Saint Louis, Southern Illinois, Loyola-IL, Butler and Vanderbilt among many others according to Rivals.

Ariel Watson (Good Counsel HS) Wheaton, MD, 6-3, G, has heard from Yale, Lafayette and LaSalle.

TheRecruitScoop provided steady updates in the last week on Ivies contacting members of the class of 2013. Below are some of those updates.

Nigel Williams-Goss (Findlay Prep) Las Vegas, NV, 6-2, G, has early suitors including Columbia, Harvard,Washington State, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Georgia Tech, and Oklahoma. Per, he has offers already from Hawaii, Oregon, Oregon State, UNLV and Washington.

Goodluck Okonoboh (Tilton School) Tilton, NH, 6-7, F, has heard from Harvard, Penn, Louisville, Penn State, Florida, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, DePaul, Pitt, West Virginia, Providence, Texas and Temple.

Davon Reed (Princeton Day School) Princeton, NJ, 6-4, G, has heard from Dartmouth, Penn, Harvard, Stanford, Villanova, Baylor, and Virginia Tech among many others. According to, offers are already on the table from Rutgers, Seton Hall, LaSalle, St. Joseph's, Temple, VCU and West Virginia.

Javion Ogunyemi (Troy HS) Troy, NY, 6-6, F, has heard from Cornell, Harvard, Penn, Miami (FL), Temple, UMass, Providence and St. Joseph's .

Steve Haney (Eastern HS) East Lansing, MI, 6-5, G, has offers already on the table from Western Michigan and Central Michigan and is getting steady interest from multiple BCS schools as well as Cornell and Harvard.

Alec Wintering (Cannon School), Concord, NC, 5-10, G, has heard from Yale, Penn, Rice, Mercer, VCU, Duquesne, Davidson, Richmond, San Diego, and High Point.

Stephen Domingo (St. Ignatius HS) San Francisco, CA, 6-5, G, is hearing from Princeton, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, Cal, San Francisco, San Diego St., Georgetown, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, and Arizona.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how well Harvard is cleaning up, on a relative basis, in the Ivy League. They've done a good job of selling the brand. Everyone is just fighting for second now.

I've spoken with Domingo, Goss-Williams, and Lucas for another site and none of them seems exceedingly interested in playing in the league. Lucas has, at least, visited Harvard.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Disagree with your statement that everyone is "fighting for second."

Last time we checked, Harvard still has not made an NCAA Tournament in the last 50 years. We find it hard to crown them the league champion at this juncture. Just ask Lebron James.

Right now, Cornell has set the bar. Cornell is the only Ivy in the last 30 years to see the Sweet Sixteen AND finish the season ranked.

Anonymous said...

"Right now, Cornell has set the bar. Cornell is the only Ivy in the last 30 years to see the Sweet Sixteen AND finish the season ranked." Once again, congrats to Coach Donahue and those former players.

While I can understand your pride and, perhaps, defensiveness over the end of an era, objectively, I think Harvard stands the best chance of achieving the most success in the League over the next three-five years.

For worse or better, these kids and their parents could care less about Harvard's lack of basketball success over the past half century. He's selling the degree and a new, winning culture in a vibrant city. Some are buying it.

If, by any chance, you're at Nike's LeBron James Skills Academy, Adidas Invitational, Peach Jam, Fab 48, or Adidas Big Time over the next month, perhaps we can meet up.

Best of luck.

The Cornell Basketball Blog said...

Cornell won 3 consecutive outright titles, went to the Sweet 16 and finished ranked No. 17 nationally. So far, no other Ivy has come close to matching this accomplishment.

When Harvard has won 3 outright Ivy titles, advanced two rounds in the Tournament and earned a national ranking like Cornell, stop by and we can talk.

The Cornell brand is selling and the Big Red have their best recruiting class in the last 10 years.

Also note, several of Cornell's current players were key parts of the Sweet 16 team, including a starter on that team. So, your use of the terms "former" and "end of an era" is a misrepresentation of facts.

Anonymous said...

Another day another "look at Harvard's recruits, everyone else is doomed" comment. Harvard has been getting nicer-looking recruits than other Ivies for years now, since Amaker's arrival. As ludicrous as it looked in hindsight, they were even supposed to pose a serious threat to Witt's class. Harvard are favored next year because too many other Ivies are rebuilding or have serious holes, that is all. Otherwise, their nice recruiting classes haven't scared anyone so far, and most of the other Ivies have been able to play them competitively.

Anonymous said...

Here's a kid you didn't mention that appears to be on Cornell's radar:

Anonymous said...

Andy Bernard thinks that BRF is an over-the-top Cornell homer.

Anonymous said...

When Cornell was winning its three straight titles, this blog would often refer derisively to the duopoly which Penn and Princeton previously enforced upon the Ivy League. A brief summary of CBB's attitude then might be as follows: "Penn and Princeton's historical dominance of the League means nothing now. Cornell is winning today."

Personally, I've got a little more respect for history, especially one in which the two P's owned this conference with more authority than any other duo in the country, including Duke and North Carolina. But, as a personal preference of CBB's, I can't argue with his opinion. The past is indeed the past; today is what really counts.

So I find it particularly amusing that the current attitude of this blog seems to be, "We owned this league for three years straight. Harvard's apparent advantage next season means nothing. Cornell's performance from 2008-2010 has not been matched by Harvard yet."

You can't have it both ways. Penn and Princeton dominated this conference for five decades in a row. Three consecutive titles for Cornell is impressive, as is the Sweet Sixteen run, but either you respect the past or you don't.

Harvard is the prohibitive favorite in 2012. Nothing that Penn and Princeton did for 50 years or Cornell did for three years changes that.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the pre-season rankings, it is doubtful that Harvard will actually perform as a "prohibitive favorite" this year.

While they bring back very high quality players, there are only six of them with D-1 experience. And one, Casey is still trying to heal what could easily develop into a long-term injury. Six players, no matter how good, are rarely enough to get through a whole NCAA season on top.

Moreover, the Crimson's performance in crucial games has been miserable. Last year, Princeton put a 19-2 run on them early in the second half at Jadwin to take them out of that game. 19-2! They lost in the last minute twice in New Haven. Harvard has looked bad in two consecutive post-season tournaments. These are yet-to-be solved coaching issues of various types.

League teams are aware of all this. Harvard will have the target on their backs big-time.